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screened [02 Feb 2023|06:08am]
partially inspired by the last of us, episode 3.

a doomsday prepper/survivalist type ends up alone at the end of the world on his isolated yet self sufficient homestead. he successfully defends his property for weeks and one day finds a teenage girl in one of his traps. he offers her food and a place to stay for the night if she has sex with him. terrified of the nightmare world outside, she agrees and submits, offering the next morning to be his live-in sex slave in exchange for keeping her alive.
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contact. [30 Jan 2023|01:29pm]

comments screened.
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ideas & scenarios [29 Jan 2023|07:28pm]

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Screened. [30 Jan 2023|04:42pm]

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screened [29 Jan 2023|07:49pm]
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[30 Jan 2023|12:35pm]

Screened post.
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[28 Jan 2023|05:50pm]

lose/basic ideas

cliche: daddy/stepdaddy/uncle who trains his son/nephew/stepson (daughter/niece/stepdaughter) to be his perfect slut, teacher who promises a grade to their student for a price, nerd who finally gets the popular guy/girl at their mercy, boyfriend/girlfriend trades/sells their partner for a night, partner loses a bet and the winner gets the bf/gf

app/ad based: guy/girl matches on an app for a night of 'all the kinks you are too scared to try', guy/girl answers an ad for a slave/sub with no safeword, guy/girl swipes and is catfished but it's too late

choices: guy/girl goes to the wrong club and ends up in a sex club, guy/girl drinks enough to get brave and comes onto someone they shouldn't, being recorded for an only fans

noncon: guy/girl is kidnapped, guy/girl is sold in a society where it's normal

cnc: casting couch, selling self for whatever reason, scenario/roleplay, unknowingly being recorded

open to any other ideas just comment the screened post

ooc contact: screened [28 Jan 2023|05:39pm]

limits: feet, scat, actually underage

kinks to explore: rough sex, pain/pleasure, bdsm, fucked stupid, anal, toys/machines, size differences, daddy kink, bondage (restraints & devices), multiple penetration, cnc, sex as punishment, surprise partners/additions, being loaned out/sold/traded, ownership

*** everything else just ask

males i pb: manu rios, andre hamann, ben barnes, boyd holbrook, chase hudson, vinnie hacker, lucas bravo, jack gilinsky, jaden hossler, jamie campbell bower, bill skarsgard

females i pb: adelaide kane, barbara palvin, jenna ortega, emily didonato, josephine skiver, adria arjona, sophie mudd, jeanine mason, michele maturo, daniela nieves,

there are others and i'll add as i think of them, but just ask or toss an idea i will probably use them

ic customs + ooc customs + threads
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[28 Jan 2023|03:17am]

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[27 Jan 2023|08:39pm]
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[26 Jan 2023|06:25pm]

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gotta have a laugh [info]lifestyle [26 Jan 2023|10:51am]


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bio + ooc screened [26 Jan 2023|10:37am]

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[25 Jan 2023|04:53pm]
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ic contact. [25 Jan 2023|03:57pm]

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ooc [25 Jan 2023|07:49am]

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TLoU RP game concept - ooc discussion [24 Jan 2023|03:50pm]

So, I just finished playing The Last of Us 2 for a second time, and with the games and the show, it's got me thinking about an RP game. SOL is cool and all, but I need some adventure. I want to keep it to where people have the freedom to live everyday lives, however, with the element of TLoU with it. I'm not sure where the setting would be, so that's something we could discuss/decide on (i.e keep it to one state or to states that are close to one another like Washington, Oregon, Northern Cali for example). I was also thinking maybe 3 or 4 different factions and then people can choose to be out on their own/non-affiliated that travel between the states and maybe even work with each faction depending on what's needed (trading goods/supplies, etc).

We could say that when people decide to travel (at any time they want to explore for their own scenes and such), they have to have a backpack with them and in their bios have it known what's in there (i.e. a journal, pencils, weapons, medicine, etc). We could restrict weapons to pistol, rifle and shotgun and they could have one of those at all times and one melee weapon. Just an idea on that front, but I'm totally open to suggestions.

It'd be post TLoU2. All characters from the games having existed/still existing but are unplayable in-game only for the sole reason of not one person being the soul of the game (i.e. meaning someone coming in as Ellie and then being that focal point for everyone). They can talk about them having existed/knowing of them/having traded with them/maybe even spent time with them, but that's my thoughts on that.

If anyone has any ideas or know other people who would be in for this, send them my way cause I'd really love to see this come to fruition.
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[24 Jan 2023|02:28am]

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~ [22 Jan 2023|07:43pm]

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screened [22 Jan 2029|04:03pm]

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