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warning: noncon breeding [30 Sep 2023|01:46pm]
looking to get the line in my journal filled by a m
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[30 Sep 2023|03:21pm]
A top Cameron Monaghan for a slash line? Open on suggetions for my pb.
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[30 Sep 2023|04:34pm]
A line with modern day gods and goddesses? More information in the journal.
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[30 Sep 2023|06:28pm]
Looking for the male in a PB line that leans toward melancholy, with healthy dashes of romance, smut, and humor thrown in. See the journal for details on themes and plots and comment on the screened post there if interested. Pedro Pascal to the front of the line.

[30 Sep 2023|06:35pm]
Looking for a het. I have ideas for Jules and maybe you do to.
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