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[29 Nov 2021|12:35pm]
[info]greystokemanor this is going to be the longest shot of shots EVER, but what would it take to get a woody harrelson for a specific line with a few people? do i need to make icons, help with layouts, what? tell me.

also: cole hauser, oscar isaac, tom ellis, ben coke can affleck, joshua jackson come on, come play too.
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[29 Nov 2021|12:47pm]
looking for a slash writer open to brutal noncon featuring taboo kinks. check the journal for details.
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[29 Nov 2021|03:43pm]
[info]greystokemanor Looking to see what lines I can get for this Kate Beckinsale face while I work on her. Does anyone need anything specific before I get too deep into her bio?
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[29 Nov 2021|06:42pm]
[info]notwar more slytherins. like, all the slytherins
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[29 Nov 2021|06:53pm]
looking to play a nasty daddy or uncle in a slash line. very few limits. comment the screened post in the journal if interested!
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[29 Nov 2021|08:48pm]
Seeking an uncle, father, or younger brother for a "home for the holidays" type line with very few limits. Leave a comment here or in the journal. PBs to be discussed!
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[29 Nov 2021|10:07pm]
[info]greystokemanor would there be any interest in a suki waterhouse or maybe florence pugh face? going with florence as an omega who works in the manor kitchen! friends, fam, saucy things?
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[29 Nov 2021|10:10pm]
Looking for a few cboys to fill a specific line outlined here. Short version: my guy is a professor at a university who pays college aged cboys to live with him and answer his every beck and call - physical and emotional. For this line, I would like to include expedited mpreg of a month’s duration and lactation/nursing. Comment here or on the journal.
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