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[30 Nov 2021|10:43am]
[info]greystokemanor just brought this girl in so she's still new! she's a wealthy socialite in an unhappy marriage. would love her siblings (no incest), heat partners, frenemies, her ex before she got married, friends who are both good and bad influences, and honestly open to plot anything!
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[30 Nov 2021|10:45am]

Katie McGrath anyone? Fine tuning the bio but is an Omega that ditched an "arranged" (aka forced) mating last year.

Friends from her time in Europe? Colin Morgan for a cousin/in all but blood brother? Art world ties (grad art history student and restorer)?
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[30 Nov 2021|12:43pm]
looking for someone that would be interested in a long term DDLG D/s line
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[30 Nov 2021|03:38pm]
looking to play the f in something with a sci-fi twist. half-human dragon, tentacle monster, or demon of some kind. would love a jason momoa for something like this if anyone is interested.
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[30 Nov 2021|05:13pm]
[info]greystokemanor Friends to lovers. Kink list in the bio, open to others. Oscar Issac preferred, open to talking about others. Age gap acceptable.
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[30 Nov 2021|07:19pm]
tom for something long term, with a good mix of plot and smut?
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[30 Nov 2021|08:26pm]
[info]notwar More of everyone? Weasleys, Cho Chang, the Patils, Millicent Bulstrode, and Blaise Zabini.
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[30 Nov 2021|08:46pm]
[info]bathhouses a super lowkey celeb slash gpsl
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[30 Nov 2021|08:59pm]

Anyone need a Pepper Potts style aide? Bio being reworked but she's an Omega newly out of a bad news mating. PB is Chelsea Spack.
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[30 Nov 2021|10:22pm]
Slash for Michael Provost? Would love another Netflix star, but open to others.
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