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[28 Nov 2021|01:00am]
check the journal. would love something mom/son.
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[28 Nov 2021|08:52am]
I am in love with ohry’s flirty big dick energy, I’d like to find someone who can bring that to a long-term pb line. My top face for you would be avan jogia, followed by ross butler, tyler posey, or lewis tan as possible backup choices. I am open to suggestions as well but figured coming in with a wanted list might help. Ideally, this would be a line that could be just as much about sweet and fluffy scenes as smutty ones, and I wouldn’t shy away from holiday themes. If you don’t mind out of character chatter, ic customs, and exploring kinks we would get along great.
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[28 Nov 2021|10:09am]
looking for smut - evans, hemsworth, pratt, seb, rdj, tom, benedict, anyone? hit me up
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[28 Nov 2021|12:44pm]
Greetings; hope you're all getting into the holiday spirit! Seeking fluffy, smut-driven het naughty funtimes. Check the journal for current interests and OOC info, and contact me there if interested.
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[28 Nov 2021|01:09pm]
Anyone up to pbing a Ryan Reynolds and/or Dwayne Johnson to my Gal Godot who doesn’t fully exist yet? Yes, I did watch Red Notice (silly movie), and that whole dynamic seems fun. Either their next caper or something with a similar dynamic.
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[28 Nov 2021|01:32pm]
looking for someone to play a step-dad against my boy in something a little atypical. basically, not interested in him being some big dicked casanova but rather just an average, middle-aged guy who quit his job to be a stay-at-home dad so his wife could continue her career that requires a lot of travel. he’s lonely and touch-starved and maybe having a bit of a midlife crisis and my boy helps him feel like he’s still desirable.
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Comments are screened [28 Nov 2021|01:43pm]
Very pregnant female wanted for this line. She is at the bar looking for her baby daddy. My guy spots her and follows her outside and into the alley. The music from the bar is blasting and no one can hear her screams.
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[28 Nov 2021|02:01pm]
His dad's best friend to take his virginity?
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[28 Nov 2021|04:14pm]
Trying this again because of the flake rate (-heavy sigh-)

I have given it a lot of thought and here it goes:

I've been fleshing this character out for awhile and I'd like to give him a shot.

His name is Rhys (pronounced like Reese). He's a 28 year old transman (ftm).

Info and full bio can be found about him HERE.

Creeping into the Holiday season, I'd love for him to finally find his one and only. Maybe someone at the coffee shop he's flirted with, or at the gym where he works out who knows what he is (seeing the scars) but still wants my guy anyway.

Hell, give me full Halmark sharp cheddar cheese! Sleigh rides, fire places. Or get away at some rural farm with the farm worker (we all know the trope).

I'd love to explore the emotional depth of them finding their happy place in each other. Showing each other affection and attention with my guy coming around to accept it where he's kept people at arms length out of fear of discrimination because it was all he knew for so long. Give me movies under a fuzzy blanket in the livingroom, sweet kisses etc, snowy walks on a trail.

Would love it to be slash. Open to most kinks (please ask first) and smut friendly. Not picky on faces.
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[28 Nov 2021|04:17pm]
someone to (please) pb adrien brody against my anya taylor joy in a line where they are both vampires. i’m not against coming up with something wildly different either
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[28 Nov 2021|04:41pm]
Probably a long shot in the dark but would anyone be interested a historical het psl? I was thinking along the lines of an arranged marriage. Details can be discussed. Would love a nice mix of romance/plot/smut.
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[28 Nov 2021|05:25pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Someone to treat me like the little slut that I am. Het or slash.

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[28 Nov 2021|07:47pm]
incest lines in the journal
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[28 Nov 2021|07:55pm]
something taboo? het/slash
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[28 Nov 2021|08:18pm]
His younger brothers boyfriend to ride?
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[28 Nov 2021|08:43pm]
[info]greystokemanor I wouldn't mind seeing the following faces for friendship/friends with benefits lines: tyler posey, holland roden, shelley hennig, tyler hoechlin, kaya scodelario, gage golightly, thomas brodie-sangster, rosa salazar, taylor kitsch, taylor swift, selena gomez, victoria pedretti, hailee steinfeld
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[28 Nov 2021|09:07pm]
I'll try this one last time with a slightly more fleshed out idea. Couldn't hurt, right? :\

Looking for someone to use the face of Tobias Forge from Ghost against this girl whose face is the delightful and lovely Florence Pugh.

The general idea is that this girl is someone who lost her way. No real friends, family basically disowned her for whatever reason (can be worked out if it feels important) and she finds herself drifting into the orbit of a group of people who just, to her, appear to be a close knit set of friends who love and take care of one another and all of them have been through some form of struggle that made them relatable to one another. What she doesn't realize is they're a bit of a cult-ish group who follow a 'leader'. It's your choice whether he's the leader or a follower but the whole thing ends up becoming a situation of him almost immediately connecting to her and her heartbreak and just feeling her so much that he simply just has to have her and the pursuit begins.

Fairly easy to work with, I think. I try to be around often and if I'm going to be gone for some extended period, I'll let you know. Just trying to find something else to do to cover up a bad past week (and month, really.)
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[28 Nov 2021|10:41pm]
mgk for something long term? maybe against camila cabello
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