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[31 Jul 2021|05:40am]
Back from a bit of a hiatus. Anything slash pb for one of the guys in my icons? Looking for someone sexy to top them but will consider writing the top for the right pb.
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[31 Jul 2021|06:02pm]
A younger guy for her? Not opposed to lines involving pregnancy/ pregnancy kinks. Darker lines welcome too.
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[31 Jul 2021|06:47pm]
If this game were to open again/be revamped, would there be interest? Also looking for a co-mod or two if there is interest.
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[31 Jul 2021|06:53pm]
A "alpha" hunter to switch things up and top this beta werewolf?
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[31 Jul 2021|07:16pm]
Dusting off this muse. Looking for his daughter in law for some naughty fun.
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[31 Jul 2021|07:53pm]
would anyone be up for a femme line?
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[31 Jul 2021|09:32pm]
Looking for a Malfoy for something fun and filthy!
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[31 Jul 2021|09:48pm]
[info]sensualize adam levine, douglas booth, ed westwick, joe jonas, machine gun kelly, jorge lendeborg jr., dylan o'brien, blake jenner, alexander calvert, shameik moore, adrian enscoe, jeremy renner. sophie turner, keira knightley, anna kendrick, brittany snow, alexis knapp, karlie kloss, gigi hadid, cara delevingne, haley lu richardson, ella hunt, anna baryshnikov.
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