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[01 Aug 2021|09:10am]
I know this is a long ass shot but would anyone do a step brother lime (slash) almost like chuck bass and max from the new gossip girl reboot? or two rival families and the two of them are sleeping together almost like sleeping with the enemy?
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[01 Aug 2021|09:21am]
someone to play ian grimm (mythic quest) against a female oc. or someone to pb rob mcelhenney would be fantastic too.
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[01 Aug 2021|12:18pm]
Looking for a PSL partner, possibly a comm or GPSL...

No flakes, no FTB.

Het or femme, 2some, 3some or moresome. Kinks highly encouraged. I have sky-high limits and a filthy brain. Looking to play some dirty fun for this girl here - taboo line ideas are welcome.

Customs get you kisses. Let's brainstorm.
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[01 Aug 2021|12:27pm]
looking for a side chick.

actually my characters boyfriend get caught cheating. your character is the girl he cheated with. my character catches them in the act and before you can leave she catches you.

so basically my girl is going to almost force your girl to have sex with her. interested hit me up and i will give more details.
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[01 Aug 2021|12:29pm]
A smaller top to dominate his hole?
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[01 Aug 2021|05:13pm]
I would like to play a line where I'd play some female paranormal investigators against whatever they find in the haunted old building. Could be supernatural, could be something completely different. Sky's the limit.
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[01 Aug 2021|05:32pm]
[info]sensualize alexander skarsgard, aaron taylor-johnson, ryan reynolds, blake lively
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[01 Aug 2021|06:16pm]
Any interest in a game based around a bordello/gentlemans' club? Set back in the 1800s and maybe based around The Birdcage in Tombstone, AZ?
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[01 Aug 2021|06:23pm]
a Daddy or older/twin brother for her? kinks to be discussed!
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[01 Aug 2021|07:08pm]
something het/pb for this lady? i would really love a steve howey pb but i am open to other faces too.
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