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[30 Jul 2021|10:55am]
[info]sensualize tessa thompson, barbara palvin, gabby epstein, dua lipa, madelaine petsch, and co-stars for him to spoil.
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[30 Jul 2021|01:42pm]
[info]haddonfieldil Friendships for her.
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[30 Jul 2021|02:24pm]
Colton Haynes, Luke Evans, Matt Bomer, Frank Ocean, Miles McMillan, Kendrick Sampson, Troye Sivan, Jeremy Pope, Ronan Farrow, Brandon Flynn, Joel Kim Booster, Charlie Carver, Lil Nas X, Jon Kortajarena to [info]sensualize please.
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[30 Jul 2021|06:48pm]
Men of Game of Thrones, Sansa wants you.

She will also accept Margaery, or Myranda for some experimenting in Kings Landing/the Vale.

I'm happy to play her at any point during the series, book or tv.
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[30 Jul 2021|07:01pm]
Joey Fatone or AJ McLean for him?
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[30 Jul 2021|07:07pm]
Anything het for him? I’d be down to write him against a celeb or a pb and can even write him as a pb if necessary! Would just really love to get into a scene or two tonight if possible! Journals or on wire @barackandrolla and could even do discord as well!
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[30 Jul 2021|09:40pm]
Would anyone be interested in an interracial psl? Het and threading.
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[30 Jul 2021|11:51pm]
a ftm pussy to play with out there? one shot, pbs negotiable but not too young please, kinks include but aren’t limited to pussy jobs, edging, eating out, clothed sex, toys, cumplay, etc. comments screened.
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