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Impromptu Maraton: Episode 119 [May. 14th, 2009|03:09 pm]

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[info]noteverything and myself, [info]fun_demented, have decided to hold a somewhat impromptu marathon of episode 119. Please join us! If not now, then jump in whenever you can, the more the merrier!!!

Most excellent banner made by the A-maaaazing [info]qafmaniac.

Need icons? Photobucket Photobucket
Icons are also made by the delicious [info]qaf_maniac Please credit and give her love.

I will start here in just a couple of minutes...still getting situated!

ETA - Just waiting for [info]noteverything to check in, because this is for her! If she can't make it, we'll reschedule!
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QAF Marathon - Episode: 101 [Mar. 1st, 2009|03:00 pm]

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This wonderful banner was made for us by the cutie pie, [info]qaf_maniac. Thank you, dear, you'll be here in spirit.

And you can grab some icons made by [info]nerilka24 (who will also be here in spirit) here (be sure to credit). Thank you for your generosity. We'll be enjoying your creations while we post.

If you can't make it here live, be SURE to haul your bubblebutts back here at some point over the next few days to pop in and share your comments with us, because we truly want to experience this with you and it's better late than never.

Now, on to the beloved episode that was responsible for starting it all, the one episode where we meet the loves our lives and where they meet each other: EPISODE 101, PEOPLE! Let the SQUEEING and TEH LOVE and the CONVERSATIONS begin!
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