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May 1st, 2020

s1e11 - Picking up where I left off, Sort of [May. 1st, 2020|01:54 pm]


Look at me picking up right where I left off 1 year and 4 months ago!!

Sort of.

In that, I have started to continue re-marathoning QaF. But as before, I don't know how long I'll keep doing it. Also, Not going to ANYWHERE near as in depth as before.

1. To be honest I'm partially doing this marathon as background viewing while working from home.
2. Life is depressing enough for the whole world right now, I will likely make no mention of anything other than stuff that makes me happy and squeeful.
3. I went back to QaF watching because I have been watching Schitts Creek in the background for the last 3 weeks while working and have burned through the series about 4-5 times now. And that doesn't even count the times I watch it while not working. If I don't start watching something else on occasion, my wife is going to start worrying about me.
4. In relation to #3 It has been impossible to watch the glorious love story of David and Patrick evolve and not think a lot about my very first gay OTP - Brian and Justin.
5. How can I write crossover fic if I don't brush up on my B&J and the rest of the gang? Ok, this may never happen, but it could!

Anyway, on with the show! (From the middle part, because that seems to be where I left off.

Mel and Ted in the store when Ted finds out he is negative and says it out loud and Mel responds "Thats ok. Happy people can be really annoying." God bless you mel! Isn't that the truth.

Mel and Justin mixing drinks. Adorbs!

Justin telling Brian he isn't going to make a dramatic exit like the rest because he needs someone to help him clean up the mess, and he doesn't just mean the loft now does he? Squee

Dirty Feet Justin!

Debbie understanding Brian the next day. And "You loaned him your toothbrush?!"
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Ny Marathons s1e12 [May. 1st, 2020|01:55 pm]


Oh god. My year and a half break from this had caused me to forget how atrocious the streaming music is!

Also Michael and David! My eyes! No one needed to see this! 🤢 Although I've been listening to this podcast, Still Queer as Folk, and apparently the two guys on there, one of them in particular, loves Dr. David Cameron. So maybe as a lesbian, I just don't see the appeal?

Also, the still queer as folk guys reacted to michael's stuff all over david's house pretty much the same way David did. Whereas I'm sitting in my living room surrounded by funko pop! figures, lightsabers, and harry potter/wonder woman/captain marvel/gi joe stuff, with Xena and The 100 art work all over the walls. Tee hee.

The S&M Bear. Love it!

This might be the only Justin/Brian sexy scene I don't like, cause food and sexy times mixed together totally grosses me out.

Justin's mom thinks Brian is too skinny? They've actually conversed about this. Interesting to think about, I guess she doesn't totally hate him.

"Luckily you can't push me away. I'm on to you" Squee!

Also, I don't seem to have a 112 icon. What? I'm guessing because all the old school icon makers made ice cream kisses icons for this episode and I was like Ewww!

Oh, LIes! I just found an animated one, but since its ew, i'm not using it. Also, i thought i had one with brian with the bear, but i must have labeled funny, can't find.

Your ward tracked me down, insisted that I take it. Bahahahaha in all the times I've seen this I'm not sure it ever caught my attention that Michael called justin "your ward" *snicker*

It's the neatest thing I ever got. I thought so. *eyeroll w/a side of squee because brian is so ridiculous*

It felt weird not talking to you. Yeah well I never thought about it. I heard you were freaking out. Who told you that. Everybody, ted, lindsey. Well they are pathological liars, I wouldn't trust them. You are so busted. TEEHEE. This dialogue is Adorbs!
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