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April 19th, 2016

104-106 [Apr. 19th, 2016|07:34 pm]



Ok, so I fell a little short, only made it through Episodes 101-103.

You can find my comments Here. Please feel free to stop by and add to them!

This post will officially be the 104-106 post. I am hoping to have watched them by the end of this week!

Any comments on the next 3 episodes? Leave them below!

Edit: 104 is in the comments below. I might try to do 105 live as I watch tomorrow night. I will plan on doing it at 8pm EST if anyone wants to join me. (April 20th) FAIL! I forgot I had a conference tonight. Ahh well. I may try to do 105 live on the weekend and will update if I think I will be able to. Otherwise, my goal is to at least be done with 105 and 106 and be back here to comment by Monday. :)
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