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February 24th, 2009

2 Full Series Marathon Announcements [Feb. 24th, 2009|05:29 pm]


2 Very Important Announcements From You Hostess, Ny


1. There will not be a Marathon this evening. Because I have to finish a super secret project and I have a huge headache. Ok. Lame excuses, but c'est la vie.

2. Episodes will no longer be put up on a regular night and time. I have been doing the Full Series Marathon for over a year now and my life has changed a lot in that time. Having a regular set schedule just doesn't seem to be working out for me any longer. So here is how it is going to function:

From now on the date and time will vary. I will try to give 3-5 advance days notice and I will also try to continue hosting one a week, but there will be no set schedule. I think this will be a good thing. While some people who come to play fairly regularly may not always be able to make it now, other people for whom tuesdays at 9 was no good might be able to come play once in a while.
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