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May 28th, 2008

Announcement [May. 28th, 2008|08:13 pm]


Have you been dreading the coming of episode 122 at [info]qaf_marathons? Been wondering how we were going to recover for the pain and survive 2 weeks until we once again return to our happy place? Well fear no more. :D

I am pleased to announce:

The QAF Marathons Slumber Party!

When: Friday, June 6th
Time: Begins at 10pm EST
Why: To spare us all the agony of waiting a week between episode 122 and 201. Instead we will have a fun-filled evening (or morning) of squeeage and other amusements, taking us from the beginning of 122 through the ending of 202!

Details: We will be watching episodes 122, 201, AND 202.
122 at 10pm EST
201 at approx 11:30pm EST
202 at approx 1:00am EST

So wear your pjs, grab some popcorn and if you are me about 5 lattes, pop in your DVDs and come join myself, [info]not_yet_defined and my co-host for the evening, [info]happier_bunny for the highs and the lows and most of all Teh Love.

banner courtesy of [info]brianslave68

Episode 121 will air at it's normal time and date, this coming monday at 10pm EST. Episode 203 will air Monday June 16th. The discussions for 122-202 will continue through the following week as normal, so if you can't attend the slumber party live, we'd love for you to join in all week long. :D

Thank you to my bunny for this wonderful idea, and for saving me from being filled with dreadful sorrow for at least two weeks.
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