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Jul. 18th, 2017


Hey Everyone,

It's really difficult for me, but I need to make some changes to NA. My personal life has grown increasingly complicated and it's gotten to the point where my doctor has told me to cut back wherever I can to carve out time for myself.

I don't want to close down NA, so following some good advice, I'm turning it into a GPSL. There will be no more activity checks from here on out. If you want to run any events, use the NPC account as needed. If you want to drop or add a character, let me know and I'll still take people out/put them in. If you want a new character, the limit stands. Please let me know if you no longer want a character in case someone else would like them.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll still be here, I'm just sorry I can't keep up with everything right now.





I'm flying to San Diego this week!

Imma be at the Comic of Cons!

And so I'm putting myself on a hiatus for this AC.

Smooches to all~


Jul. 1st, 2017


Happy AC day - all is well.

We're going to throw up a 4th of July party thread at Wayne Manor this week. If you're connected to the family, consider yourself invited!

Till next time,

The Modley One

Jun. 29th, 2017


AC Reminder

Sorry for the late reminder, but want to let everyone know that there is an AC on 7/1, so get your tags in by then, please! Check the chart!

Jun. 13th, 2017



Hey all, Summer Work Prep hit me harder and longer than I had anticipated and threw a few curveballs this week.

Apologies for disappearing, I'll have stuff up real soon for this AC.

Let me know if there's anything you need/want from me as far as NA stuff goes.




So this seems like a good place to ask this question. What exactly is the state of SHIELD at the moment? Like I know they stamped out some HYDRA goons, but I figure there's no way to keep it a secret that HYDRA got in that deep and as such it's reputation is shattered among world wide intelligence agencies and the general public, right?

Jun. 12th, 2017


Just a reminder that there is an AC on 6/16, so get your tags in by then! Check the chart!

Jun. 3rd, 2017


Hi all,

Another AC has passed and all is well.

Your modly one will be taking the next AC on hiatus as well. I worked 52 hours the week before last and 47 last week, so things are still chaotic. Let me know if you need anything and I'll see you soon!

<3 <<^^>>

May. 24th, 2017


*emerges from the chaos*

Hi all. Apologies to those I've abandoned this week, but I'm calling a hiatus. The season at my theater begins this week and two of my employees quit one day after being hired and I've been working double digit hour days to make up for it.

Love to all! Tell my mother I love her!


May. 23rd, 2017




Starting yesterday, HYDRA has put into motion their attack plans.

Please see my previous post about what is happening, although most of you have already figured that out with each other.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!!


May. 16th, 2017


Another AC has passed, see you on the first!

The Modly One

May. 13th, 2017


I'm in need of something for Thor and Clint this AC and am brain dead for ideas. Halp?


Hello all,

Just a reminder that there will be an Activity Check on the 16th! Check the list and make sure you tag/post!


The Modly One

May. 9th, 2017




Katie here with the Next Big Plot, and it's set to take place over the next two-ish AC's (ish being this one).

HYDRA. It's here. It's been here for awhile, skulking the shadows, growing heads, plotting evil things and overall being nasty.

And it's finally ready to strike it big time.

Strike where and how, you ask? GOOD QUESTION.

HYDRA's plan is to take over the eastern seaboard: NYC, Metropolis & Gotham.

-NYC is a must, because of SHIELD HQ. Take over SHIELD, and suddenly you have access to agents, and more importantly weaponry around the world.
-Gotham is another good asset because of Wayne Enterprises/Foundation. Take it over, get Gotham on their side, and quell/bribe the menagerie of Rogues in Gotham to be quiet for awhile, lulling the city in a false sense of security, and trust
-Metropolis has Supers, and needs to be taken out. Yes, it has a tiny bit of Kryptonite.

What does HYDRA want?
The same thing they always want: control. At their very core, they're a group made of fascists, hell bent on making sure that everyone is very much the same as they are. There are members in the group that are in denial about the Nazi ties, or what HYDRA is really all about. Some are just there to have a job, but they're still HYDRA. The higher ups are more fanatic, they dislike people who aren't caucasian and especially despise those with power who aren't on their side. They're willing to kill to cleanse the world under the HYDRA banner and way of life. And this is their latest attempt.

How will this effect YOUR character?
If you are a SHIELD agent, or even work closely with SHIELD, you can expect your character to be attacked. When and how is up to you, and I suggest fighting against these foes with another character, makes for more fun. If you need specifics, feel free to ask me!

If you are part of the Bat Clan, expect to also be directly attacked. HYDRA doesn't know that Wayne's = Bats, however, they need to take care of the entire family so that no "heirs" can go mucking up their plans.

Those with magic will also find attempts on their beings, boosted by intel stolen from SHIELD. Loki has been kidnapped, and I know Chan has plans for that.

Those without magic or without direct ties to SHIELD/Bats can also plan out threads where they are attacked. SHIELD has been infiltrated, sadly, by a number of HYDRA members, and they have gained access to your files. You can expect them to have done their homework and to make a move.

Of course, this being NA, it's up to our characters to stop them.

I can't NPC every HYDRA attack, but I can help wth getting you guys started. Let me know what you think, if you need help. You can thread with me here or email me directly: or hit me up on my AIM.

I know some of you have ideas for this and stuff already brewing, if you do, please post it in the comments below so that others can jump in!

Thanks and happy fascist punching!

May. 5th, 2017


Hey all, We've had another AC and the following characters are available:

Barbara Gordon
Connor Hawke
Dinah Lance
Maxine Hunkel
Nyssa Raatko
Oliver Queen
Talia al Ghul
Zinda Blake

Next check will be 5/16!


The Modly One

Apr. 25th, 2017


Just a reminder that there will be an Activity Check on May 1st, so check the chart and make sure you post/tag!

The Modly One

Apr. 10th, 2017


So I'm trying my hand at this lovely lady. Obviously, this is Natasha. She is up for all the spy things and such. I can't word cause work was long and bleah today and yesterday.

Plots! She and my others are up for them.

Apr. 9th, 2017



According to all my tests, we're back in business. If there's still something wrong, let me know so that I can curl up somewhere and cry. There will probably be cursing.

I'll start doing Activity Checks starting next period, so if you're still with us, have a tag in sometime between 4/15 and 4/30.

I will also be on hiatus during that time, but I'll still be around when I'm not off having adventures with Mel.

All the love,

The Modly One


I think... it's fixed.... (knocks on wood)

Mar. 28th, 2017


Hi all!

The glitches should be all better now, let me know if not. I had a hell of a time with it! I won't do an activity check this time, so the next one will be April 16th. We'll all get back on track. I know I have someone to add - sorry for the delay, I'll get on that. It sort of went on the back burner with everything else going on.

Let me know if you need anything,

The Modly One

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