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[07 Sep 2014|12:06pm]

Every version of the story is different. The conversations, the tiny details; they're all told in their own way, with different twists and turns and points delivered to properly execute the tale. The Apocalypse. The final battle. The War to end all Wars which never reached its glorious and fated conclusion. Lucifer, The fallen, The Morningstar. And Michael. The loyal son to an absentee father.

Nothing special. The location of the final battle. A graveyard outside of Lawrence Kansas, and two brothers fighting a desperate battle with the archangels in their minds. Others, heroes from this world and others. Pulled to this place, this graveyard by the thirty third Seal on Lucifer's cage. A chance for a change. A chance to write a new ending.

Many fell. Many dragged into the darkness.

The scars have not healed in Lawrence. Five years on the Seal should have its War won. The fate they saw so long ago. 2014. It has not come to pass. The world is not lost to Lucifer.

But a new threat brews. Talk of a war in heaven. Angels wishing to restart the fight. Have the two brothers play their part and start the world anew free of humanity. A new King sits on the Throne of hell and talks of power to be gained. Power from the souls of monsters.

Heaven. Hell. The eternal struggle, but now a third player. One with strength now known to Lucifer and armies of heaven. The displaced.

Some arrive to help. Some arrive to destroy in their own way. Some cruel, some kind, some hero, some traitor, villain. But all brought by the whims of a power unknown. A lock on a door? Something old, something awakened. It has purpose in its choice.

There are more wars to fight. For the displaced, there may always be more to do.

♦ ♦ ♦

[info]wariscoming is a panfandom RPG that takes place within the universe of the Supernatural fandom. Now running strong for over five years, making us one of the longest currently running Panfandom games on Insanejournal, the game is moving on from it's fifth season arc and loosely follow the events of series six.

You do not need to have any extensive knowledge of the Supernatural to join, so long as you take a moment to check out the FAQS to gain a better understanding on how things work in game!


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