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June 21st, 2013

Weekend slowatus

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So my younger brother is on a dragonboat team and this weekend is one of the BIGGEST Dragonboating regatta (outside of Nationals, obvs) in North America, the Rio-Tinto Alcan Regatta. So I'm going to be slow with tags and stuff til Sunday evening/night starting tomorrow morning at whatever 'oh, please five more minutes' hour of the day I have to get up at to get to Vancouver before the traffic gets too bad until Sunday evening. It's my brother's last year on his dragonboat club's youth team so I have to go. Luckily, there's a McDonald's with free wifi right across the street so I can maybe slip on in between races for a little while but Idk... I'll be back for real Sunday evening/night, probably around say 6:00 pm or so, depending on the traffic.

Just a heads up for everyone because this is kinda a big deal for my family. It's one of the few times we go into Vancouver for anything so yeah.. It's a big deal around my house. Actually I'll probably be scarce past about ~9:00 PM PST today bc of having to get up early to beat traffic into Vancouver. *sigh*


June 12th, 2013

Pastry delivery!

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And basically every one of his friends got a bakery delivery this morning of some kind of sweet they like via nervous/upset baking sprees. Even those in the medbay. And the inn probably got delivered the rest to do with whatever they wanted. Obviously someone decided pastries> sleep after a convo with Robin. And no Jane, Much made sure you did not get cookies after the tea incident.

March 1st, 2011

slowatus times

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Hey guys,

Just a heads up..I think I'm going to take a slowatus for a while here. My brain seems to have up and run away for the most part while dealing with RL fail, I can still do things just..slowlllly. So yes. Bear with me and things can be had. I haven't been around much on aim, but if you need to reach me feel free via e-mailz mysteriouspluto@gmail.com. ♥ Hopefully the RL fail will be done by Mondayish.

Anakin Solo, Fred Weasley, John Winchester, Juliet O'Hara, Kira Ford, Kon-El, Malcom Reynolds, Seeley Booth.

June 7th, 2009

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Hello all! Some of you know me, others don't. I'm Anne, and I come carting in Lois Lane a la Smallville. She comes from after episode 19 of this season, cause I'm a bit behind. But that's alright, it's my own fault I haven't gotten caught up, so I say WHATEVS at spoilers. I won't get mad at anyone.

Anyway, for those of you who don't know Lois, she's mouthy, sarcastic, brash, curious to the point of being nosy, brave as hell, and can't spell or type very well. That's right, she's a reporter for a top ranked newspaper and she can't spell. when I post as her in the network, the spellcheck will be ignored. Consider this your warning. ANYWAY! She's also a blackbelt in karate and, thanks to Sam Lane wishing he had a son, she's got the army skills down pat. She's an ace at shooting, though she doesn't get to do that very much on the show, and all that other army like stuff.

And she is available for plotting! You can catch me at TrstMeImThDctr on aim or just email me at a.regular.decorated.emergency@gmail.com

Anne Out. (Yeah, I've been watching the Trek lately. Sue me.)

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You guys are gonna have to forgive me if this post makes LITTLE TO NO SENSE. I am semi distracted by little children running around the house, screaming about Transformers and nail polish. And I don't know why it's happening. D:

I'm pretty sure everyone here thus far knows who I am. BUT in case you have forgotten (and if you have, how dare you!), then I'm MJ, one of the modlies! I currently have two characters here: Sam Winchester and Clark Kent.

Sam is from Supernatural. He often spends his time surfing the net, hunting monsters with his big brother, and hanging around a suspicious demon that Dean really, really does not like. He's a subject of interest to the angels and demons of the Supernaturalverse, just as his brother is, but he's under the assumption that it's because he has demon blood in him. Little does he know, it's about MORE than that. But that's a big secret. And I doubt he'll find out for a long, long while about it! Sam can be pretty nice when he wants to be, but that's only when he isn't busy brooding or being overprotective of Dean. I think, to make things easier for everyone, Sam will be wandering around town, letting those people who have popped in know about the message board that he's set up, along with a few promises on explanations as soon as he's able to figure anything out. If that's something that certain people want to thread, then we can most definitely do that; but if it's something that some of you want to assume happened somewhere off screen, that's also a route that we can take. Entirely up to you guys! Either way, Sam is at your disposal for any and all plotting needs. Just let me know!

And then there's Clark Kent ([info]sonofkrypton). He's coming in from Smallville, post episode 18 of the last season. He's kind of cranky about Doomsday, but fortunately he's not that towering machine of mean that we saw in the finale. I didn't like that. It made puppies cry. And, you know, Chloe. Anyway, he's an alien from another planet, but he likes to keep that fact hidden from the world by pretending that he's a perfectly normal guy that's aiming to work his way out of the basement area of the Daily Planet with his beginner reporting skills. He does a little bit of undercover vigilante work (the city of Metropolis knows him as the Red-Blue Blur), but it's certainly not a career he's ready to fully invest himself in just yet. He's typically a nice guy unless you threaten someone that he cares about. Then all bets are off on the friendly times! Clark is also available for plottage, so don't hesitate to hit me up if you want any with him!

- MJ!

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Again welcoming everyone to the game and doing the explaination of my three, all are open for plots!

First is this lovely lady, who...okay so not so much a Lady. I think the best description was, Slutty Little Yoda. This is Ruby, she is a demon native to SPN verse and potentially the most morally dubious creature ever to exist, she has a plan. It is epic, and makes her awesome. It miiiight end up bad for most of the world, everyone bow to Lucif... some people :p

She tends to follow Sam Winchester around tempting him like woah into becoming her very own little Boy King and so far its going quite well for her. But she is always open for plot. She's one of the good guys dontcha know :p

Next I have everyones favourite morally dubious Lawer, (someday I want him to meet Cole Turner) Lindsey McDonald. I'm bringing him into play circa the end of Angel, yes, the last thing he remembers is a not particularly pleasent memory involving a green demon with a gun , He wields a mean sledgehammer and will be reasonably neutral in terms of the war.

Thirdly, my out and out good guy. Jaina Solo, Jedi Knight, She is in her early thirties and is the daughter and only surrviving child of Han and Leia Solo having lost her younger brother when she was a teenager and ended her twin brothers life only a few months ago. Well he was a genocidal Sith Lord. She's generally abrasive and cold until you get to know her, but is fiercely loyal to her friends, and a typical Jedi in the sense that she is 100% of the good guys, very military and very focused on things and will, after being angry for a while about being trapped here get down to the business of kicking ass.

All are available for plotting!!


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Hello people! I'm Hannah, some of you know me already and are used to my crazy, mwahahahaha! To the rest of you, oh hi!

I'm bringing in two pups for starters. First up is this lady, Doctor Martha Jones from Doctor Who. She's from post series four of the new series, and is an officer in UNIT: the Unified Intelligence Taskforce, aka the badass military defenders of the Earth! She once traveled with the Doctor, making her one of the group known as the Children of Time. Not much phases her much these days, even dimensional travel.

Also along for the ride is Gwen Raiden ([info]sparkingfreak) from Angel. She's from around the time of season 5 of Angel and is the original electric thief from Wolfram and Hart. She had an interesting relationship with the team of Angel Investigation, helping and hindering them in equal measures. An old hand in the world of demons and magic, she's sarcastic, morally dubious and will always look out for number one first.

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Hello people, I am Nathalie and (thus far) I am bringing you two peeps. Some of you know me ... ew, bitches! But to those of you who don't I am all things wonderful? lol :-P

Um, I am twenty-one and a college student and is crazily taking physics for the summer, so oft times you shall find me half a sleep, where in I make more sense but my spelling becomes OH so much worse. :-D

Now onto the fun part.

I have character numero uno, Paige Matthews. [info]witchwithaplan . For those who don't know she is from Charmed, the baby sister and the half sister, who is half-witch and half-whitelighter. Her birth was forgiven so she was given up for adoption until those GOOBER (and not in the nice way) Elders decided they needed her to save the world more than they needed their stupid rules, and called her to her destiny when her older sister Prue died. Now for the specifics for those in the know, Paige is season seven, but post-Kyle (and way pre-Henry) and she is currently the headmistress of magic school. Yeah, totally bad ass. (She could so take dumbledore on fyi :-P). Um, she is in Seven Year Itch, so she'll be more than a little pissed with this but more worried about her sisters, especially Piper and the whole Leo sitch (but also worried about Phoebe handling Drake leaving). Not to mention her two favorite nephews and all her students and professors ... because we all know how the Elders roll. School Shut Down! Poor girl has a lot to worry about. Paige is coming with the book, or the book in that EXACT point in time. But you say, Paige wasn't consulting the book at that time, Phoebe was. Listen, I'm just as anal with my Charmed as anyone else was (probably more so), my theory is that they don't film every second with in the Halliwell's it is quite plausible that Paige went to check the book after Phoebe and after they were scrying for him. So there!:-D

My second charatcer, numero dos, is Andrea Rojas. [info]avengingwarrior Now you might not recall this obscure character (but I like her and wanted a female badass hero) but she was in the episode Vengeance and the Vengeance Chronicles. She was an intern with Chloe, that moonlighted as vigilante that kick gangsters ass at night. The show wanted to use her as a batman fill in, hence the many similarities in her history with that of Batman, and other characters from his line. She has superstrength and superagility and was given the name the Angel of Vengeance by Chloe. She is coming right after the Chronicles, so she has just saved Lex's life from Molly Griggs, is dealing with having killed a man and not killing Lionel Luthor (both of which are responsible for her mom's death and her, in a way, ending up with her powers ... through a heart transplant). She ended the Chronicles with a promise to Chloe (for the most part) to not put up her mask and keep crime fighting, despite her many issues. So I am saying that she is in her apartment, in costume with laptop (hey reporter, needs it), when she is pulled here. She doesn't like guns or knives, seeing as her mother was assassinated and she was shot. Fun times in a verse where those are their main weapons.

So I am REALLY looking forward to this game. And I look forward to playing with everyone.

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Hey everyone! It was agreed that the maximum number of characters to be acquired in order for the game to fire up was TEN. We officially have ELEVEN, which means that, yes, [info]wariscoming is now officially up and ready for action! Feel free to post up your personal introductions in the OOC community, along with any threads that you might want to start!

As mentioned in the acceptance to your applications, all of your characters will be arriving in Lawrence, Kansas with whatever items that they had on hand before being zapped away. To help things along, Sam and Dean (Dean will be mod played until we get one - tell your friends!) will be in town working a case revolving around, yes that's right, the talk among hunters about how people keep mysteriously arriving. So they'll be around, looking to help figure things out, until they find proof that a broken seal is behind it all and end up sharing the information with everyone else.

Officially, Sam HAS set up the boards for communications among the arrivals. Once we get a few threads going and manage to get the word spread around, the comms area can be a place where characters can openly interact.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to respond to this entry and we'll help you all out as best as we can!

Have fun, guys!

- Your mods!

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As you can see from here Lilith got a little cocky and didn't check which Seal she was breaking and thus 'War is Coming' is open!

To recap, it's a multifandom game in the Supernatural'verse, set post season 4's Criss Angel is a Douchebag Thirty of the Sixty Six Seals have been broken and the last one opened the dimentional walls enough for all sorts to start falling through, Nexus of this? Lawrence Kansas, cause, well we all know the weird that happens there :p

Logs go to the main comm.

Texts, e mails and message board style posts go into the wariscomingcom comm

Craziness and fangirling as well as the usual stuff go on wariscomingooc.

Mods can be reached on AIM or by email, the mod email address being wariscomingmod@gmail.com

So, let the game commence! And Enjoy!!
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