09 January 2011 at 05:01 pm
Zelman Clock
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Marina. How peaceful. I wonder how long it'll take for all hell to break loose here again.

On another note, would anyone like to donate some blood to a worthy cause? I promise I'll make it worth your time. [ ♥ trooolling in your skiiiin ]

((ooc: Zelman talks to himself. 8())
[Voice | Video | Action| backdated to early evening]
09 January 2011 at 10:07 pm
Ho-hum. Can't they spice this place up a little? Where's our entertainment? Our song and dance with our wonderful meal?

[They're grumbling again, still managing to snicker under their breath even as one sharp claw idly stabs at whatever it is they have on their plate. Being chained up is not doing anything good for their mood.]

We think that these walls also need some color... Maybe a splash of... red? [It's how they phrase the statement so innocently that makes it entirely too suspicious. They laugh uproariously after, pounding at the table with an enormous fist.]

Oh! But we're just kidding... mostly.

((ooc: Any chain gang members are welcomed to be eating dinner with this crazy boyo! And, of course, everyone else is free to do so as well! REALLY I JUST WOULD LIKE TO RP WITH YOU ALL, MMK, ilu. ;; <3))
09 January 2011 at 11:09 pm
Alma Karma
[Alma's confused, but he should be used to the feeling by now. Nothing ever makes sense to him anymore, and the more he tries to it's like he's sinking into the mud the more he struggles. But Castiel didn't make him leave like Alma thought he would. Alma spent the day angry and frustrated and he still feels lost. And when he doesn't know what to do, asking questions is the only thing he knows how to do.]

[Voice|Filtered from Black Order Members]

Is someone who betrays you really your friend?

[After a silent pause.]

Is anybody even up right now?

[It's really late, so he wouldn't be surprised if everyone was sleeping. But he still wants to talk, wants to hear from someone. No just anyone...him. He's the only one who can understand.]

[Private to Yu Kanda]

...You must think I'm really stupid, huh?