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September 23rd, 2007

September 23rd, 2007

Mod Post: Moving Primary Activity to InsaneJournal

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As of October 1, I will be moving primary modding for the Lupin_Snape communities to InsaneJournal. What this means is that I will be making mod posts (rules updates, challenges, projects, etc.) at InsaneJournal first and copying them on LiveJournal second.

By December 1, I will stop copying the posts from IJ, but instead will link them, closing comments on the LJ link post. The mod mail (lupinsnape @ will always be available to you, as will the post on IJ. You can use OpenID on InsaneJournal to identify yourself there - you do not have to resort to anonymous comments.

The only time I will require posting on InsaneJournal will be for special projects and activities, such as Snupin Santa, Fantasy fest or an activity such as the Fan Art Mood Theme. And if there needs to be negotiation about these things, we'll work on it together. Any discussion posts the mods generate - such as thematic lists or friending frenzies - will also be posted on IJ. I encourage any member who wishes to post discussions to post them to InsaneJournal rather than LiveJournal for archival reasons.

If you have any doubt as to why I feel this move is necessary, please read and follow the links on this post and read what's coming up from LJ on this post. If you still don't agree with my reasons for moving primary activity to InsaneJournal, please remember, you are always welcome to continue to use this community while it still exists. I will not be abandoning LJ or this community. Ever. If this community goes, it will be LJ's doing.

To that end, I am going to reiterate that any posts rated NC17 or R/NWS/Adult that involve characters that are underage must be locked. This includes new posts and older posts. I also suggest you lock all NC17 or R material, but I will not insist on it unless LJ does.

I had asked for volunteers to help find links to posts with unlocked underage material, and I had three takers. With 4+ years of activity here, I think I'm going to need more people than that to make the task manageable, so if you have the time in the next month, please consider volunteering. If you're one of the three original volunteers, I won't assume you still have time to help - please let me know in replies here again if you still can.

I remind you that Lupin_Snape on InsaneJournal has a locked sister community for NC17 or R/NWS/Adult stories and art, ByMoonlight. It's my hope that the setup on InsaneJournal will keep us from running into many of the problems that have cropped up here on LJ. If anything, it should guarantee that we won't have to be afraid of losing any new history we make there.

At this point, let me make it clear that I am the primary moderator of Lupin_Snape on LJ and IJ. [info]scribbulus_ink acts as a backup for me when I am unavailable, and [info]innerslytherin has taken on the tagging at both Lupin_Snape and Bymoonlight on InsaneJournal. Other mods on LJ are not active and moderators added on either IJ or LJ in the future will likely be there for special projects or further backup.

I've always tried to run Lupin_Snape as a facilitator first and sole proprietor last. I've tried to make the community an open and welcoming place for all members, new and old, and I hope that feeling will continue on the InsaneJournal communities. If you have any thoughts, I'll read all comments, but please understand that this decision has been made out of concern for keeping the community together and history intact, and there will be no going back on the decision.

Lupin_Snape will be having its 5-year anniversary next year. I fully plan on celebrating it, whether the LJ community continues to exist or not, although I certainly hope it does. This rich community deserves to be celebrated, be it here or on InsaneJournal. If you have any ideas for celebrating, please let me know!

Thank you all for being the wonderful, exemplary community members that you have been over the years. I look forward to the next chapter in Lupin_Snape's history and I hope you do, too! ♥ ♥ ♥

love, lore
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