February 15th, 2016

[info]worthit in [info]kiseki_ooc

+A lot of bad punz (EEEYYYYY)

Hello Kiseki!

My name is Koree, and I'm new to the game (and to IJ RP in general, but not journal RP as a whole)! I'm excited to be joining you all! I do have to ask you break me in gently since it's been some months since I was in a game with Rapunzel here, but all this sunny energy refuses to be contained so, y'know, here we are.

For anyone who hasn't seen the film yet Rapunzel is from Disney's updated take on the fairy tale, "Tangled". Her hair is magic and it glows and heals things when she sings. Also there's a lot of it. Like 72' of it a lot. I'll be bringing her in from near the beginning of the film so I can avoid spoilers if anyone needs me to. But she's currently kind of hanging out somewhere between learning how to be super outgoing and still learning about the outside world. Having just tackled her first obstacle (besides the lack of doors in the tower, that is) she will be majorly confused to go from celebrating in a secret tunnel to waking up in a crystal egg. It will not be very eggcellent in her opinion.

I'll be checking things out and might belatedly toss her up on this Vday log I'm hearing about once I've had a chance to settle later today.

If anyone needs to reach me in the meantime you can do so through Rapunzel's journal or PM'ing mine [info]alltheships. I love plotting, terrible puns (or punz as it were hurr hurr), gifs/memes, and cute fluffy things, so expect all of that in spades. Also be advised if you do reach out to me for plotting that I am a VERY ENERGETIC RP'ER and brainstorming is probably my favorite part of the creative process, I have no chill.


I bid you all good day. c:

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Choo choo.

HI FRIENDS. I joined this train of "I did a thing" self-restraint has left the building folks.

Which is to say... sup, it's Ana and I'm bringing back Asami Sato from Legend of Korra! She'll have all her memories of the previous stay of course and her slightly revamped stats are over here! Intro will be up a little backdated to the vday log. I'm very excited to have her back, get ready for all the things.


Edit: Reintro over yonder.