Jun. 14th, 2009



[19:06] [ JL ]: ... lol I just realized, Cloney could fill up Kiseki with ghosts
[19:06] [ JL ]: by himself
[19:06] [ JL ]: 8D
[19:06] Lin: xD
[19:06] Robin: |D
[19:06] Robin: O-oh Cloney...
[19:07] Robin: X!Fuuma, too
[19:07] [ JL ]: fff
[19:07] [ JL ]: Want me to make an OOC note of that?
[19:07] Robin: If you think you need to?
[19:07] [ JL ]: IDK it could be cool for other people to play as NPCs
[19:08] Robin: Yeah, that's true
[19:08] [ JL ]: ... Seishirou, too
[19:09] Robin: hahaha
[19:09] Robin: Kurogane, as well
[19:09] [ JL ]: /goes make an OOC note

... Lazy mod is lazy.

Feb. 3rd, 2009


I just like this icon


So. Random idea I had and... am not sure about. Being able to replay events was awesome. So I thought it might be cool to keep being able to do it? We could use any past events (except those involving Kisekians and Kiseki itself, of course e_e;), and to prevent people overusing them, we could have some sort of limit - like, you only get one "replay" per character each month, or something like that? And they'd still only last for a maximum of 24 hours, like in the anniversary event.

The only downside I can see is that it might suck if you give in and decide to replay an event and then suddenly there's a new event going on. But I could check and try to not make them overlap (this might fail with threads that last forever, though), or maybe make sure all events are announced at least 24 hours earlier, so that at least you can make sure that they won't overlap ICly?

Oh, and... also that it might end up making people ONLY update for events or replays - but uhhh well that's what the crit meme's for, I guess?

IDK. W-what do you guys think?