Feb. 2nd, 2015


Permission's Post

Hey everyone! I have a Permission's/Opt Out Post that would be very helpful to me (and you!). If everyone could fill it out, that would be great. It ranges from involving her abilities to some of the darker aspects of her series.

Dec. 21st, 2014


Canon updates!

Korra will be leaving once the event is over/after the events at the Bridge Meeting in order to get a canon update to the end of her series, 4x13! Everyone take care of Naga while she's gone, ahaha.

I've updated her stats accordingly with relevant information, in case anybody needs a refresher.

ETA: Mako & Asami will also be updated to the same canonpoint, and their stats have been updated as well!

Nov. 15th, 2014


And Hiatus finished and Permissions Post!

Sherlock is back from his hiatus and as promised, has been canon updated. But I am adding this because considering the kind of character he is, I think it's important we cover all the bases.

Sherlock is not an evil person, BUT he isn't good at filtering his thoughts and being"nice" to people. He observes people for a living. He sees them as riddles. That's his job. So things your characters may not want him to see or notice, he usually will, and might even "solve" them. When he does, he pretty much comes right out and says so most of the time, and in canon it's gotten him into trouble. Also his job involves a lot of triggering and disturbing cases (murder being the most prominent), and he's frank and open about discussing them. He's also a former drug addict and often meets and interacts with characters from his world who may have histories with addiction, trauma,and/ or different kinds of abuse.

SO. This post, much like JL's Pan post, is for everyone's benefit.Please check it out and please feel free to comment and respond to the questions there. Any additional inquiries and concerns can also be addressed there or on plurk ^^

Nov. 2nd, 2014



Hello, dropping by to link to Pan's special permissions post, since we have a ton of new characters which weren't covered. This is purely to give me an idea of anything you might wanna play with him, but it's not a mandatory poll by any means.

If you're unfamiliar with the character and have no idea what I'm talking about, please see his game stats post for more info on him.

That would be all, thank you.

Jun. 25th, 2014



HEY EVERYONE this is Sam, the eternally forgetful. I was going to do this like...months ago and, to the surprise of no one who knows me longer than five minutes, promptly forgot about it.

ANYWAY I have a specialized permissions post for Rumple up now, since he's a hideous godmod. I don't want to presume anything about the wishes of the players for their characters when using Rumple and his stupid dumb abilities against characters, so please go talk to me on that post about what boundaries you have in playing with him!

it can also be noted that you can opt out of playing with him at all because he's an asshole haha

May. 22nd, 2014


Quick note

I made a mini extra-permissions post on Pan's journal over HERE, so please check it out and fill it out with anything relevant o/

Jun. 29th, 2009



Guess who fails? A lot? HINT; it's a mod in this game.

... a-anyway.

Add Kusa o/ I'll add everyone later 'cause if I do it now, the notif will ruin the surprise ... 'cause.

I feel that this is a very good moment to remind people that I HAVE A PERMANENT HMD POST. Please, for the love of god, crit me if you think I'm failing.

May. 1st, 2009



Fun fact: Ana is an enabling demon.

I'm bringing X!Fuuma back. He'll remember being in Kiseki before. He will be coming back to Kiseki after my hiatus (because contrary to my fail, I AM still on hiatus, orz.)

Also, if you guys could read and respond to this entry, that would be so, so awesome and I would love you forever.