February 14th, 2016

[info]brothersboots in [info]kiseki_ooc

-1 Tiny Terror

As much as I love this game, I don't think that Edna was exactly the best character for me to app. Everyone here is lovely and I have had so much fun trying to build CR here. I hope that no one takes this as a personal affront. I have always second guessed by tags to people because Edna is not nice and everyone else is, bot ICly and OOCly.

So, Meebo's reputation has been ruined with her stay, she can return home and beat up Symmone and Kittybeard and then join Meebo in waiting for Sorey to stop being dumb. And maybe watch Rose and Alisha fight. That'll be fun to do.

Thank you all for the wonderful CR and the chance to play someone who didn't want positive CR on the surface. I would love to come back with someone less abrasive so that I can be comfortable tagging all the lovely people and characters here.

~ <3


[info]myhometoo in [info]kiseki_ooc

Guess who's back!

Robin here, deciding to bring back Connie. Cause why the hell not. ♥

Stats are here. Will be intro-ing her in the Valentine's log, so stay tuned.