March 12th, 2008

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Damn you, chats



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Ana's done it again..

(I assume it's okay if I post here now, since this account still has posting access to the comms? >.>;)

Look who's back to the party! :DD

J-just add her please. ♥

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mini-mini-mini-haitus thing.

Mng, I'm disappearing for a couple of days~

From about Friday until next Tuesday, I think, I shall be disappearing to the Cotswolds and horse riding for most of the weekend. I'm so not skipping school. |D;;; IN ANY CASE. I'll be back soon enough (though I think it'd be best to relinquish my claim on Toya because I have very little time on my hands atm), but I don't really know what Syaoran should be doing during this time. Like. Looking around Kiseki? orz; I'm useless.

Anyways, yes. ^^

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I'm going to have to go on hiatus for a while from Kiseki. I've got three papers to write in the next week and a half, not to mention all homework and reading for the end of the quarter. I'll be free again once I get to my spring break, but until then, blaaaaaaah.

So, my characters will still be around. If you want to rp with them, just drop me an OOC note and/or contact me on msn.

Thanks guys, sorry for all the trouble! ♥

EDIT: oh right, my characters are: Himawari, Kuro-mama, Neko Musume, baby-Kuro, Oruha, and baby-Sakura... in case you didn't know. or something. orz ;;;

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Second Character

Boo. First Chara from Miyuki-chan in Wonderland in Kiseki's history (I think...)

Anyway, please add.