March 11th, 2008

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Second character~

Tuul (Fuu-mun) picking up Fye-sensei. Add him, please~

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OOC note!

Just a note to anyone recently, or eventually planning on becoming cursed by spider lady:

These curses do not simply wear off. Your character won't get over the curse laid on them simply by waiting. In Holic, Watanuki didn't just lose his eye for a while, she took his eye completely. The grudge needs to be made even. Which means, your character has to offer something, or another character can take on the burden of the grudge for them, but either way they need to break the curse themselves. Use this post if you have questions/ideas? Sorry everyone, I thought I'd mentioned it in the ooc post before but I went back and read and it looks like I didn't.

Also, since the last post is way down on f-lists, if anyone else who didn't ask before wants to be molestered, leave me a note~