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Oct. 31st, 2008


Victor/Apollo and Chloe/Demeter: Hangovers and Revelations

Who: Victor/Apollo and Chloe/Demeter
Where: Victor's apartment
When: Friday morning
What: Hangovers and conversations the morning after their date
Rating: tbd
Status: Incomplete


Oct. 27th, 2008


Artemis/Melanie and Pan/Jack

Who: Artemis/Melanie and Pan/Jack
What:First meet
Where: Athens Zoo
When: Late afternoon
Rating: tbd
Status: Incomplete

Standing above the monkey cages at the Athens Zoo, two teens listened on as an elder complained.
"So basically, it got no where last night, right?", inquired a boy by the name of Lance. Jack listened on as he leaned further against a rather large iron railing. A friend to the left by the name of Tommy shrugged and Lance huffed. Jack reached down into his bag of popcorn and tossed another piece up in the air. Catching the kernel lazily in his mouth, he listened further as Lance brailed Tommy boy. "Look, Tommy.", began the older Lance. He was two years the senior of both Jack and Tommy at twenty. And not afraid to proudly proclaim it. "You can't keep doing this, Man. We both can't wing-man it forever getting you tail, if..your not GOING TO USE IT!"

Jack glanced up at that. Lance was prone to anger when anything at all involved women and him not getting his fair share. A side affect to playing the guitar. Jack had always observed most Guitar players to suffer from this. Glancing back to Tommy for a reaction, Jack noticed his cheeks switching to a more visible red. Evidently, Lane noticed it too. "Look," Lance began with more, shall we say...guidance? "Virginity is not something to keep. It's to loose." Which was obviously a touchy subject, for poor Tommy. Probably, due to him being a fatty, Jack observed dryly. That was when the Zoo overclock struck five. Eh, it was getting late. Tommy began another one of his "I'll try harder next time" excuses when Lance rudely cut him off. Well, he was older. Lance could do that. The older boy suggested they Hurry and go before the evening crowd arrives without their music. They all agreed of course. But Jack told them he would hang back. He wanted to make sure the Two bucks getting in was well spent. Plus he had supper to finish.

So while his two friends left the main gate, Jack continued munching from his popcorn bag. The boy walked closer to the exhibit and slid down on the concrete. Allowing his feet to slide in between the bars and dangle down from the air. Below him Monkeys danced this way and that pawing for attention and the occasional exotic bird flapped down to stare at him. This proved quite a mixing crowd of animals, not that Jack noticed. He figured they were all just there for a free meal. Like him. He glanced once at the classic, "DO NOT FEED THE MONKEYS" sign and proceeded to chunk the remains of his meal down below. Screw the rules. They were all obviously hungry. After this, he sharply began to whistle a small melody. Some jingle he heard on TV. Maybe from those Enzyte commercials.
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Oct. 26th, 2008


Email to Victor

To: Victor Fitzgerald
From: Chloe Rose Montgomery
Time: Sunday, October 26 at 3:41pm
Subject: Need a night out


It's Chloe from the beach.  Things have been crazy lately and I need of a night on the town with good company and lots of alcohol to help me unwind.   Up to the challenge?  I'm free all this week so let me know.

- Chloe

Oct. 19th, 2008


Demeter/Chloe and Persephone/Anne: Spondi

Who: Demeter/Chloe and Persephone/Anne
What: Dinner and conversation
Where: Spondi
When: Saturday night
Rating: tbd
Status: Incomplete

Spondi was perhaps her favorite restaurant so far. The setting, a handsome 19th-century town house with a courtyard, was absolutely divine. The wine list boasted and extensive collection and so far, the service had been excellent. Chloe took another sip of the woodsy red wine she'd been offered, overly careful not to spill it on her white Greco-roman styled dress as she waited for any sign of Anne. Sweet Jesus, she was more nervous than she'd ever been on any date to her recollection and this was... was what? Something akin to a mother meeting a child she'd given up for adoption? Even that was off but was the closest thing the blonde could liken the meeting to.

She'd taken an exorbitant amount of time getting ready; making sure hair, dress and makeup was immaculate before having the car drop her off a half hour early so she could lord over the table setting as well. Knowing the head chef had helped with the latter and Chloe would be forever grateful to the Frenchman for putting up with her neurotic nature. Everything had to be perfect. Everything had to be precise and clean and crisp from the spotless silverware to the fresh cut poppies serving as a centerpiece.

Another sigh and the tiny woman fiddled with one of the silver bangles that encircled her wrist. They were just going to talk. Conversation about their lives, about what was happening to them. What had happened to them. Chloe still wasn't sure what she believed but being in a setting where she was comfortable (and that had plenty of alcohol) she knew she could at least talk it out with the mysterious girl who'd bumped into her the week before. Anne would be there soon, would be escorted to the booth tucked in the back away from any traffic and until then, Chloe had nothing to do but wait.

Oct. 17th, 2008


Voice mail for Anne

It had been over a week, nearly two when she finally got up the courage to make the call, though the blonde woman wasn't sure if she was relieved or disappointed to get voicemail.

"Hi, Anne. It's Chloe; we bumped into each other shopping a little over a week ago. It's about 9:30 on Friday morning and I was wondering if you were available to talk anytime this weekend. I know of a rather delightful restaurant called 'Spondi' that I've been meaning to try and would love getting a second opinion on if you're game. Just give me a buzz back at this number if you are and I can set a reservation for whenever. If not, I hope we can arrange something else because I'd really like to talk now that my head's stopped spinning. Anyway, gotta run. My assistant's trying to get my attention by flailing his arms as only a gay man on the verge of a breakdown can which usually means I'm running late for something. Talk to you later, I hope. Thanks. Bye."

Oct. 13th, 2008


Demeter/Chloe and Pan/Jack: Somewhere That's Green

Who: Demeter/Chloe and Pan/Jack
What: A run-in in the park
When: Monday afternoon
Where: National Garden
Rating: tbd
Status: Complete

She'd needed to get away. Away from the people who, no matter how much she loved them, questioned and pestered and chattered too much for her to handle. Away from the technology that was all around her: computers and cell phones and blackberries were all turned off and left behind. Away from the city with cars and buses and smoke and smog... Everything that had cluttered her life. Had polluted it.

Chloe shook her head as she moved along the walking path. Thank the sweet Lord she'd found somewhere green. A piece of haven where the interruptions of daily life and business couldn't reach her. The National Garden was beautiful, serene and just what she'd needed to clear her mind. A short trip to the little zoo made her smile - though the peacocks, for some unknown reason, had unnerved her enough that she'd moved past them with barely a glance. The botanical museum had likewise lifted her spirits and driven away some of the confusion but it couldn't hold a candle to being outside among the trees and flowers gathered from all around the world.

The blonde drew in a deep breath, inhaling the sensual, glorious scent the air was filled with. But that wasn't all that was carried on the wind. With a small frown of concentration, Chloe focused on the light strain of music, trying to identify the source.
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Ares/Kane and Eris/Brenna: Reverse Exorcism

Who: Ares/Kane and Eris/Brenna
What: Eris awakens with the help of her brother
Where: One of their hotel rooms
When: Monday at some point
Rating: R - hopefully - for violence and language. xD
Status: Incomplete

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Oct. 9th, 2008


Aphrodite / Ares

Who: Aphrodite/Francesca and Ares/Kane
When: Late Afternoon
What: Aphrodite and Ares meet for the first time, the connection between them so intence they can no longer deny their true selves
Where: Agia Marina A small secluded beach between Varkiza and Lagonissi.
Rating: pg-13 as of yet
Status: incomplete

Once on a time, where the milky region is set in a tranquil heaven, lay kindly Aphrodite in her bower, whence night had but lately fled, faint in the rough embrace of her Ares )

Oct. 7th, 2008


Tanym/Hades and Anne/Persephone

Who: Tanym/Hades and Anne/Persephone
When: Night, graveyard-shift time
What: Seph surprises Hades by popping in while he's at work
Where: The morgue
Rating: PG
Status: complete

She took the fruit, broke past the thick scarlet skin, and held it, for a moment, looking at the ruby red seeds glistening in the translucent-white flesh, marveling at it. Her fingers pulled out a half dozen of the arils, and she pressed them to her lips, one by one, savoring the bitter-sweet taste. )

Oct. 5th, 2008


Chloe/Demeter and Anne/Persephone: Shopping

Who: Chloe/Demeter and Anne/Persephone
What: Shopping
Where: Boutiques of Kolonaki
When: Sunday Afternoon
Rating: tbd
Status: Complete

"I know, Charlie. I promise I won't wander too far," Chloe vowed to the man on the other side of the phone that she cradled between chin and shoulder. "I'm just going to pick up a few things and I'll be back with plenty of time to prepare for Mr. P's little party-meeting-happy hour thing. Don't get yourself in a knot, Sugar." Silk slipped through her fingers as she examined a skirt that hung outside one of the trendy shops. The floral pattern was stunning, but sadly, the piece looked far too long for her tiny frame; so much so she was actually contemplating whether or not she could get away with wearing it as a dress instead. "The longer you keep me on this call, the longer I'm gonna take," she warned her handler who was in a tizzy over her disappearance. "So, I'm going to hang up now and maybe, if you're a good boy and can trust me to do as I say, I'll bring you back something shiny." Bribes usually worked with Charlie; or at least, they tempered the frequency of his calls.

Holding the skirt up to her chest with one hand, Chloe made a few kissing noises into her phone, tossed off another 'goodbye, Sugar' and hung up. She snickered to herself and stuffed the little pink mobile away in her purse then looked over the piece one more. The shape wouldn't be right, unfortunately, but it was gorgeous. Maybe she could find a similar fabric later to bring back to LA and have a dress made.

As she placed it back on the rack, her attention was drawn to a line of scarves that hung nearby. The palate of colors, the hand-stitched embroidery; Chloe instantly fell in love with each and every one of them. She'd always adored that particular accessory and secretly took some responsibility for bringing them back into fashion. Beaming, she touched the material, basking in the way it flowed like water through her fingers. A pale yellow with hand-stitched poppies was her first choice followed by a vibrant purple and blue one. To the collection she added a pastoral green flower print and a glamorous indigo what was accented with tiny crystals, echoing a clear night's sky. However, it was the white scarf with pink fringe, hand painted with a incredibly detailed garden scene that won her heart. Chloe took her selection to the register and handed over her credit card without any thought to the price; she was allowed to splurge on herself every now and again! The girl at the counter smiled as she wrapped the scarves in paper, carefully packing them into a bag, but the blonde Texan stopped her when she got to the white one. "I'm going to wear that one," she told the child who nodded her understanding and handed it over with the bag and a wish of a good afternoon.

Returning the Greek, an uncertain 'Efharisto' and 'Kalispera,' Chloe draped the new scarf over her head, crossed the ends and tossed them back over her shoulders. Perfect. Still smiling, the petite woman continued to shop her way down the street.

Oct. 4th, 2008


Hera/Isabella and Zeus/Ethan

Who: Hera/Isabella and Zeus/Ethan
What: Research and flirtation
Where: A bookstore/cafe
When: afternoon
Rating: PG
Status: Complete

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Ares/Kane and Eris/Brenna: Ice Cream Fun

Who: Ares/Kane and Eris/Brenna
What: Ice cream and fun
Where: Ice Cream Parlor
When: Saturday
Rating R
Status: Complete

I scream, you scream. )
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Oct. 2nd, 2008


Who: Kane/Ares & Henry/Moros

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Oct. 1st, 2008


Who: Victor/Apollo & Kane/Ares

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Phantasos/Nox and YOU!

Who: Phantasos/Nox and Eris/Brenna
Where: Exarchia Square If you walk into the neighborhood behind the Polytechnic you will come to Exarchia which is the student area of central Athens. Lots of clubs, bars, restaurants and cafes, all of them pretty affordable. There is a small square, called Exarchia square, with lots of cafes and tables, where they occasionally have live bands and sometimes the anarchists come to battle the police. No it is not particularly dangerous but if you should come at the wrong time you may get a whiff of tear gas or burning tires. Needless to say few older tourists venture in here but it is certainly a young person hang-out and a pretty good one at that. There are lots of computer shops and some cool vintage record stores here. One of the oldest and most famous apartment buildings is in Exarchia Square. and then Back to his place in Plaka
When: Thursday morning
What: Nox is painting, then meets Brenna and then things happen
Rating: R - just to be safe :P
Status: Complete

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream. )

Sep. 30th, 2008


Who: Persephone/Anne and Hecate/Felicity
Where: Anne’s Apartment
When: Wednesday Afternoon
What: Hecate is back in the country, goes to pick up her dogs and talk to her oldest friend.
Rating: tbd
Status: Incomplete

Witchcraft is a spiritual path. You walk it for nourishment of the soul, to commune with the life force of the universe, and to thereby better know your own life. )


Ares/Kane and Eris/Brenna: Reunion

Who: Ares/Kane and Eris/Brenna
Where: The Aeropagus or "Hill of Ares"
When: Tuesday morning
What: Meeting as mortals
Rating: PG-13 for some cursing
Status: Complete

my evil twin would lie and steal and he would stink of sex appeal )
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Sep. 28th, 2008


Brenna/Eris and Adam/Himeros: Oionos Cafe

Who: Brenna/Eris and Adam/Himeros
Where: Oionos Cafe, Plaka
When: Sunday night
What: Coffee
Rating: PG-13 for cursing
Status: Complete

meet me at the coffee shop )
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Sep. 24th, 2008


Tristan/Dionysus and Anne/Persephone

Who: Tristan/Dionysus and Anne/Persephone
When: Thursday
What: Coffee and such
Where: Coffee shop
Rating: [tbd]
Status: [incomplete]

With a shower of rain; we stopped in the colonnade, And went on in sunlight, into the Hofgarten, And drank coffee, and talked for an hour. )

Sep. 23rd, 2008


Chloe/Demeter and Victor/Apollo: Beaching it

Who: Chloe/Demeter and Victor/Apollo
What: Beaching it
Where: Glyfada Beach
When: Late morning, early afternoon
Rating: [tbd]
Status: Incomplete

It was 16km to Glyfada beach from the center of Athens, but once Chloe was there, she swore she'd stumbled across the path to paradise. Being late in the season, few tourists crowded the sand, giving the little blonde more than enough room to stretch her bikini-clad self out. The sun and surf were almost enough to make her miss home, miss LA... almost. With a cold beer in hand and the latest Cosmo nearby, she was all but convinced nothing could make her getaway any better. Except for maybe if her Blackberry exploded.

Charlie had called three times while she made the trip; her aide too busy to join her which was most definitely his loss. Ah well. Maybe, just maybe, she could claim the sea had stolen her phone. Of course, as Chloe had no intention of actually swimming - in a pool, yes; the ocean, not a chance on God's green Earth! - and Charlie was quite aware of that fact, her chances were slim to none. She'd just have to come up with a better excuse later for why she didn't answer any of his calls. For now, she'd much rather soak in the sun, forsaking man's inventions. Well, most of them. The alcohol could escape exile. The fashion magazine as well. Because, really, a girl had to keep herself entertained somehow!

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