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[20 Oct 2012|10:55am]
Who: Jacen and Josie
What: Lunch in the city
Where: Small café in the city
When: Friday
Rating: Low

Would you like some fries with that diet coke? )
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[20 Oct 2012|10:58am]
Who: Penny and Cori
What: Teaching kids how to use their powers
Where: WHA; Power Training Class
When: Friday
Rating: Low

Okay, now I know you're really trying to kill me. )
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[20 Oct 2012|10:59am]
Who: Ethan and OPEN
What: On set with Ethan Turner
Where: TV Studios
When: Friday
Rating: Low

Reinforcements. Just what I need. )
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[20 Oct 2012|11:18am]
Who: Nora and OPEN
What: Nora's birthday
Where: Restaurant in the city
When: Last week
Rating: Low

Navigating the subway system alone was one thing. Doing it with your 9-year-old son was something else entirely. )
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[20 Oct 2012|11:19am]
Who: Maribel Swafford and OPEN
What: Afternoons with Señorita Swafford
Where: Mari's class
When: Friday afternoon
Rating: Low

May I help you? )
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