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[19 May 2011|07:42am]
Who: Nathan & Natalie Evans
What: Text
When: Thursday, May 19th, early afternoon
Rating: Low

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[19 May 2011|08:50am]
Who: Carter & Laney
What: text
When: Thursday, May 19th, morning
Rating: Low/Medium??

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[19 May 2011|10:49am]
WHO: Laney & Ray
WHERE: Some abandoned HS Classroom
WHEN: Thursday, Lunch Hour

The note had been covertly slipped into her locker that morning... )
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[19 May 2011|12:03pm]
TO: Laney
WHAT: A note!
WHEN: Thursday morning

A note slipped into her locker... )
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[19 May 2011|12:05pm]
WHO: Kelly & Ray
WHEN: Thursday night

When was he actually going to need to know geometric proofs? )
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[19 May 2011|04:54pm]
Who: Madison Moriarty and Ethan Turner
What: Text Message
When: Thursday Afternoon

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[19 May 2011|08:49pm]
Who: Sam & Emily
What: A talk/break up :(
When: (backdated), Monday April 25th, afternoon
Where: Moses Pearson's hallway
Rating: Low
Status: Complete

I hope you know, I hope you know, that this has nothing to do with you, it's personal, myself, and I, we got some straightening out to do )
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