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Oct. 24th, 2009


Looking for a Brian Kinney

Character you will be playing: Justin Taylor (Queer as Folk)
Character Wanted: Brian Kinney
Storyline: You wake up alone in the bedroom of a lavish penthouse apartment. A quick glance around the room will tell you that you are here with nothing but the clothes on your back and anything you might have had in your pockets. You feel a slight discomfort on the inside of your left wrist and upon inspection you see a small tattoo of a barcode that you don't remember getting and the red skin assures you it is very much a real tattoo.

You move into the large living and kitchen area and the floor to ceiling windows give you a familiar sight, the Las Vegas strip. You turn your attention to the counter separating the living room and kitchen where a laptop computer sits, a word document open on screen. A black Amex with your name on it sits beside it on top of a brand new blackberry.

Welcome to Las Vegas!
We here at Zenner Corp imagine you must have many questions regarding your arrival here. Don't fear, these questions will be addressed when the time is right. For now please just enjoy yourself at our expense. The only thing we ask in return is that you do not leave the city, you are here for a reason and you will be needed.

We have provided you and the others like you with a private message board system, please use it as you see fit.

And remember; what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Screen Name: Any questions can be sent to AylaRanzz on aim. You can also email me at if I'm not on aim.
Is it for a RP community (if so, which one) or is it a PSL?: [info]brightlightcity
Timezone State/Country: Well I'm in the East Coast
Any other information you feel is important: It’s multi-fandom. I’ve taken Justin from the end of Queer as Folk, his bio is on his journal.

Oct. 21st, 2009


Looking for Characters for a plot

Character you will be playing: Percy Weasley and James Sirius Potter
Character Wanted: Looking for a couple specific characters for an upcoming plot. Ron Weasley, Bill Weasley, Hugo Weasley, Neville and Hannah Longbottom, Longbottom kids and Werewolves (Can be canon or OC). Also still looking for Percy's daughter Lucy (See his app for age), his ex-wife Audrey and James is looking for his sister Lily and cousins.
Storyline: The year is 2019, it's been twenty-one years since the Battle of Hogwarts when Harry Potter defeated The Dark Lord. Life has gone back to normal for the survivors; if being a Wizard was normal to begin with. But then again has life really gone back to normal for everyone? The Trio and their friends have children of their own now. Have they taken after their parents? Are they the complete opposite? It's now their turn to create their own stories.

Now that Voldy is out of the picture, the Werewolves are ready to make a comeback. They're no longer Voldy's lapdogs and want some power of their own. Greyback however, just wants revenge.

Screen Name or Livejournal account: Any questions can be sent to AylaRanzz on aim. You can also email me at if I'm not on aim.
Is it for a RP community (if so, which one) or is it a PSL?: Act 3 ~ A Next Gen Harry Potter RPG
Timezone State/Country: Well I'm in the East Coast
Any other information you feel is important: We're open now!!

Jun. 5th, 2009


Charmed Progeny

Life is peaceful for the Halliwells and their families. Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Leo have settled down with their lives. No more demon hunting, no more crazy backfired spells, no more death and destruction. Their children are growing up in a world with little conflict, occasionally kicking a bit of demon ass when nessecary. Wyatt and Chris have grown into law abiding citizens. Paige and Phoebe's children are all growing up, attending Magic School. Leo is teaching there, watching over the education of the students. Piper has finally opened the restaurant she's always wanted. Wyatt has taken over P3. Paige is a full whitelighter. Phoebe is a prize winning column writer for The Bay Mirror, and has penned several best selling novels on love.

Trouble begins brewing right under their noses, unbeknownst to the Halliwell family. A new Source of Evil is rising to power, organizing the once chaotic underworld. This new Source is planning on taking out the Halliwell line to clear the path for a worldly destruction and a takeover of evil. Betrayal is lurking in their midst, and together, Wyatt, Chris, and their cousins will battle this inner threat and the Source along with the help of new allies. Now it’s up to the Halliwell offspring to save the day and take on their parents charge of the Charmed destiny.

In a time of danger, the sisters decide it's time to pass on their Charmed heritage. The chosen three are Melinda (Piper's youngest), Parker (Phoebe's oldest), and Ariel (Paige's elder twin). The other children are just as important, and they must all work together if they want to survive and persevere.

Amidst the lies and the fighting, friendships are forged and love blooms for these youngsters. New friends are gained, while old friends are lost. They all begin down paths of self-discovery, each realizing their full potential and fullfilling their destinies.

They must band together and put aside their childhood squabbles. Will they be able to save good magic?

Wanted List

We are always looking for new people!! Come and join us!!

Jun. 3rd, 2009


Hi everyone! I'm looking for someone who would play a Terminator 4 Katherine Brewster against my Terminator 4 John Connor at a thread based panfandom rpg. We have several characters from the fandom already and I'm looking for her to basically round things out.

I would like it as a purely romantic storyline and I'm looking to rp some more adult themes with them since they are grown ups now. It DOES have the potential to be a long term storyline as well. If interested please reply here or send me a pm.

Jun. 1st, 2009



The year is 1525, King Henry VIII is on the throne of England, Catherine of Aragon is Queen, and the religion of the land is Catholisim. It is a time of peace but neighboring monarchs are always eager for the glory of war. The winds of change are blowing through Europe; the Renaissance is sweeping from Italy northward, the Reformation sweeping outward from Germany. Though England has thus far managed to escape the most radical movements that come with them, she won't be able to stay unchanged forever.

We are slowly getting more people, but we need even more! PLEASE check us out at [info]tudorcourt and hopefully someone you want to play is still available. We still have quite a few characters we need before the game can open. We'd like to open as soon as possible, so the sooner you can send us your application the better. Then we can get the game started, but we can't do that until we get a few more plays so...CHECK US OUT

May. 31st, 2009


I used to have CSI lines with Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders. To save repeating myself I have put details the details in this journal. It has been awhile since I've played this girl so I have figured she's been away. I can definitely fill in the blanks and we can discuss more plots. I'd love these plots to be picked up again. I write in third person and I'm looking for details in posts/replies...makes things more interesting. I'm hoping for possibly long term and committed players. Not players that will say they're interested but disappear soon after, I've had plenty of them. There must be players who still want to pick and be an active Nick and/or Greg.


I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask if anyone plays Buffy characters? Someone who might be interested in playing Angel (preferably, but would be open to someone else) in a thread based, pan-fandom game against my Oz.
If interested, comment here or message me at harleygreatness

I also play Arnold Rimmer (of Red Dwarf) there and would LOVE a Lister to insult.

May. 30th, 2009


Star Trek Fandom here [info]spacejump

We need a Spock, Sulu and more. And other fandom.

Its an open game with promising plots and fun and drama. Don't have know Star Trek to play. That's okay but check us out!


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