September 26th, 2022

[info]dreadsouthmod in [info]find_players

// Dread South is a southern gothic horror game that takes place in the fictional town of Angelica, where a mysterious entity called Arcady has made a pact with the residents. The premise relies on story telling, development and character relationships. The focus is on story development through written prose. There is less emphasis on ic socials media and visual media posting. We are looking for people who are ready to participate in plots and the setting; no ghosting after successfully applying a character. We're a great group of people that love to plot and believe that kindness and communication are the best way for a collaborative writing game to have longevity. We opened in March of 2022! All applications are open with particular need for the the leader of the Witches and sect members for the Verity wolf pack, psychics, Hellhounds, and church parishioners . We do most of our communicating through discord. We know it's a rich premise but we are dedicated to helping you integrate your characters! //