August 1st, 2021

[info]ablacksun in [info]find_players

Got a supernatural OC here and am happy to play him in any number of ways. (Not SPN related, just supernatural with a small 's') Yearning for some M/M romance or even smut, or anything in between. Zack is pansexual, but sorry, but no het. (I have kinks lists and suchlike, not being so much into formal BDSM, but enjoying a little D/s. If I'm honest, I'm looking for someone whose kinks are a little more interesting than just getting spanked or tied up. But, as stated, it could just be romance with a little smut thrown in.)

I prefer to play over on Dreamwidth - I like the pretties with my RP. But for the right PSL, I'll go with IJ.

A bit more info on his character journal.