July 3rd, 2021

[info]littlewitch in [info]find_players

Hello! I am looking for the following lines for Wanda over at [info]mom_mod!

Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepard: Wanda is from WandaVision, and has been really missing her sons! I would love to see the 616 versions in play, as it would be a little awkward for all three of them at first, but eventually, I think she would bond with them, and would consider them family. This is a relationship that I would really love to play out. Plus, Vision is there, too! Along with Viv Vision, who both Wanda and Vision are looking after! Also, I know Kate Bishop would love to see her friends around!

Pietro Maximoff:</n> I know this is more of a shot in the dark, but I would love to have some version of Wanda's brother around, MCU, 616, or even X-Men movies. There might be some hostility after the events of WandaVision towards X-Men movie Pietro, but he was around super briefly, so she's aware he exists.

Feel free to hit up this post or my dropbox if interested!