March 7th, 2021

[info]cortezmods in [info]find_players

Will you survive the island?

People were coming in from all different times and worlds, and they had to adjust to living on the island because there was no way back to their homes. But no one truly knows all of the horrors the island holds. There are many abandoned buildings, and the only one which is "safe" to live in is the hotel itself. Some of the earliest wayward travelers cleaned it up and made it livable. But there were several disappearances during this time and the missing were never found.

Now the hotel has been modernized and a whole new group of people have shown up. Will they survive the island? Or will they mysteriously disappear as so many others have? Only time will tell.

[info]cortezmods is a pan-fandom set in the Universe of American Horror Story.

You'll never make it off the island alive!