August 28th, 2020

[info]twinjadeofgusu in [info]find_players

Myself and my friend are looking for people interested in filling lines for The Untamed Netflix series at [info]valar

In particular we are looking for: Lan Huan, Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, Meng Yao, Jin Zixuan, Jin Ling, Mian Mian, Nie Huaisang, Nie Mingjue, Wen Qing, Wen Ning, Jiang Fengmian, Jiang Cheng & Jiang Yanli

I am available at cleom6370[at]gmail[dot].com & my friend can be contacted at emmakpwrites[at]yahoo[dot].com though would prefer that we are both spoken to at the same time.

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[info]rplove in [info]find_players

Looking to get back into rp. What's out there folks? ATM I am really into Teen Wolf, RWBY and the Legend of Korra but all character/game/sl suggestions welcome.