October 12th, 2012

[info]mayoraldaughter in [info]find_players

Seeking Gale, Maysilee, and a hint of Haymitch.

Where are you, Gale Hawthorne [or just Hawthorne as she chooses to address you]? Madge Undersee has just arrived at [info]hotelhell. She isn't quite sure what to think of all that yet, it's very strange there, and she isn't looking for you or anything.. but perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if you came by. You're not the worst person in the world, when you aren't being pig-headed. And you did try to save her, didn't you? And you let her watch the Games with you, that one time. She supposes she does owe you for that much. Things are.. complicated, but seeing you around certainly wouldn't be so bad.

Katniss is there as well. And Peeta, if you were wondering.

Honestly, there are a lot of strange people at this hotel, some people who logically shouldn't even be there, so wouldn't it be interesting if Maysilee Donner could stop by, too? Madge certainly got a large dose the Donner genes from her mother, so think of the adorable family resemblance! And awkward family reunion.. or family first meeting, really, in this case? If Maysilee were around, or even if she weren't just yet, Haymitch Abernathy's presence wouldn't hurt either!