September 20th, 2012

[info]clauds in [info]find_players

A few very specifically wanted characters at [info]f_rogers, for various SLs... (though others are, of course, encouraged.)

Amy Pond - Doctor Who
Amy Pond is fierce, plain and simple. She readily talks to others, interacts, and makes friends. She's a personality that's all for adventure and, really, what more could she ask for than appearing in another dimension? She'd be great for a number of friendship lines, I'm sure.

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Simon Tam - Firefly
Ages ago, Simon was in the comm and started a clinic at the castle. It provided free healthcare to the castle staff and residents. It's lacking in staff, now, and we could really use Simon to come and reopen it. (He wouldn't remember any of it, so no backstory.) Plus, we could very easily get him a River if he wanted one, I'm sure.

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Theodore Nott - Harry Potter
Rowling said Theodore is somewhat of a "clever, solitary boy who has never felt compelled to join 'gangs,'" despite being a purist. He's be fun to have around, if nothing else for added witty banter with they Slytherins. Tracey Davis would like him about, too, for a friend line.

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Ahsoka Tano - Star Wars
For some odd reason Obi-Wan convinced the Jedi Council assigned Anakin a Padawan, and for some odd reason it had a maturing effect on him. Maybe? He could probably use some of that.

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Dominic(k) Cobb - Inception
The game has an Ariadne, Arthur, and Eames. What they don't have is the Extractor. Eames would like for some high animosity play. Ariadne would like to see what could've happened to Cobb after the job, after time passed, after he got his family back. Leaving to the Land of Make Believe and returning to ones own world has their timeline "pause," so Cobb could step outside and explore himself without feeling like he's abandoning his kids.

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Robert Fischer - Inception
Ariadne was initially appalled at the idea of Inception, but came back to the idea due to intellectual curiosity. That doesn't mean she doesn't want to know about the fate of Robert Fischer. This seems like a very potentially interesting line to play out and Ariadne would like to have "the Mark" walking around in game.

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And many others at the renovated wanted post here, but especially these! Please? We would be thrilled to get more new players and characters in.