June 26th, 2012

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It was three years ago that the world watched while on every news channel, vampires came out. Those creatures thought to be myth, legend, something out of horror movies, novels. Now were proclaiming their existence, and thanks to their own advances in medicine, were demanding fair and equal treatment as citizens of the world. The world, was changed, and it wasn't about to stop any time soon.

Within the last three years, the world has seen vampires as citizens, a shifter vaccine for those were creatures still hidden among us, passing as humans, the legalization of raising zombies, new police forces to deal with new crimes and new kinds of criminals. No place is immune to this new world, its eyes forced open to the supernatural going on around it. New churches that can promise eternity with a bite, new protests over the dead not staying dead, new prejudices continuing the age old tradition of Us vs. Them.

Here in the city of Refrain, it is no different. You can choose to accept and find your place in this new world, dealing with those things most were happy to turn a blind eye to, ignoring those eyes staring at you from the dark of night. Or you can protest, you can rail against the changes, you can continue ignoring them. However, there is no going back. Vampires are recognized citizens of the world. Were creatures exist and are among us. Zombies can be raised for fun or profit. Magic. Is real. Adapt, quickly, because there's no telling what is out there in the shadows that have made it a Dark Refrain.

Dark Refrain is a mature roleplay based off of the world of the Anita Blake novels. Non canon characters only, with no word count, where writers can feel free to develop their characters at their pace within a world where the supernatural is out of the closet and now part of every day life.

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