June 13th, 2012

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Amethyst City

Needed for Lillian Moon [info]lillianlarkmoon
Kevin Moon. Werewolf. Eldest. Brother.
Maureen Moon. Witch. Second oldest. Sister.
Chevonne & Cillian Moon. Witch & Werewolf. Fourth and fifth born, twins. Sister and brother.
Careless Whisper. Cover band. Genre: Rock of all kinds. Male and Female vocals.

Needed for Lucien Akhenna [info]undercompulsion
Gaspard, Julius & Camilla. Vampires. Childer/Progeny/Sired.

Needed for Nikita Sokoll [info]nikitasokoll
Vanya Sokoll. Werewolf. 25. Son (adopted), raised by a vampire male and his vampire sisters.