May 6th, 2012

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A hundred years ago, supernaturals 'didn't exist'. They were figments of your imagination, things that went bump in the night and tall tales that you told your children. Not anymore. Some may have moved right next door to you. In Washington, DC., moving into an apartment with a new roommate might mean that you're sharing a living space with a werewolf. Or maybe your son's new kindergarten teacher is an elemental. Or that girl you have a crush on in Algebra just might already know because she's a telepath. Things are still a struggle when it comes to acceptance and not everyone is happy about the path that the world is taking towards equality. Where do you stand? Which side will you take?



Business owners, vampires, elementals, brothel workers, teenagers, musicians, police, firefighters, anti-supernatural people, 'evil' characters, older characters (30+), bartenders, bouncers, teachers, principals, members of the supernatural alliance organization, college students.


The Supernatural Next Door was created in August of 2011 and we plan to be around for a long time to come! Our mod journal is already a paid account and we're in this for the long haul so if you're looking for a place to set down some roots, please come join us!

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I am coming here on behalf of [info]valar and our amazing Marvel cast. We almost have all of the avengers! We just need a Nicky Fury, Maria Hill & Agent Coulson (Pepper calls him Phil). Our cast is very active and there's a lot of room for them in the game. They would have immediate plot too! Check us out.