May 31st, 2010

[info]richhaysrpg1 in [info]find_players

looking for someone to join Shadow Falls.

I have a character in an IJ rpg called Shadow Falls. (human/vampire community)
My character, Rich Hays (pg Richard Hammond of Top Gear UK) a human that can not leave Shadow Falls.
I’ve created an opening for a character named Jay XXXX (wish to be of pb James May of Top Gear UK) for a 1) come look for his friend Rich Hays 2) discover why Rich went on the long holiday to the USA and 3) has feelings for Rich.
So looking for a pre-Slash, to slash relationship, along with all the hype of living in a community of vampires that can take a bite any time they want.
Will help with icons and getting your application in (community going to invite only June 1 for it is 150+ strong for characters). 
In exchange I will create a character to play against anything you want to play. Male/female/human/vampire.
If any questions, please contact me at bbitommyboy @ gmail .com or AIM Hamsterrpg.

[info]moonsdreaming in [info]find_players

Is anyone interested in a PSL based on the movie Legion?

[info]acomplexguy in [info]find_players

Hey I'm from Bright Light City, a panfandom set in modern Las Vegas. We've got mostly ever Lost character you can think of, but we wouldn't mind a Daniel Faraday, Jin, Sun, Rose, Bernard, Michael, and Walt. Dead people can come back to life in the game, by the way, if you check out the premise you'll see why.

We would also love Veronica Mars players. We have a Veronica, Logan, Lilly, Mac, Cassidy, Piz, and Keith Mars, so anyone else (especially Wallace or Weevil) would be welcome.

Also True Blood players, I know you're out there! We have a Godric, Pam, Sookie, Sam, and Tara. Where oh where are the other TB characters?

Anyone ever see The 4400? Apparently not since I so rarely see players, BUT if you have, we have a Shawn Farrell and Kyle Baldwin in the game. They would love other 4400 people to play with!

PM me or check out the game to see if there's anything of interest.