May 7th, 2010

[info]blastingrod in [info]find_players

Hello. I’m a member of Blight Light City (, a panfandom where characters are being kidnapped to Las Vegas, and I’m looking for some characters.

I play Harry Dresden set just after the Warrior short story and I really need some dresdenverse characters. Particularly Murphy, Molly, Thomas, or Michael.

Other characters I’d welcome include anyone from the Mass Effect or Baldur’s Gate video games and anyone not already on the taken list for Battlestar Galactica.

[info]shewalksaway in [info]find_players

I’m seeking someone that's into the Doctor Who fandom and can play either a Tenth Doctor or Ten.5 for a PSL. It could be long term or short. So, if interested just comment below or over at the journal. Thank you.

[info]the_greeks_mods in [info]find_players

The Greeks: A Greek Gods RP with a Royal Twist

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