May 4th, 2010

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Looking for the Songbird to my DJ

Hiya. I'm looking for someone to play an established relationship in a post-apocalyptic setting for my boy Andrew.

A brief summary of their relationship: Andrew is a boy from Oregon who moved to Las Vegas to go to college for teaching music. He met his girlfriend Analise (who goes by Ana) at a Coyote Ugly Saloon, and instantly fell in love with her when he heard her sing. They've had a very wildfire sort of relationship before a huge virus ran rampant, forcing them to evacuate. Since they were unmarried, they were sent to separate camps. Now that the virus has burned out, Drew is back in LV, hoping that she'll return as well and hear his broadcasts for her.

If you'd like to see him some more, you can read his scenes here.

Hope to hear from ya.

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MCI Grand Junction


a Prison RPG


OOC Rules

Prisoner Rules

Staff Rules


Taken PBs





You’ve just been sentenced to MCI Grand Junction, a prison located some 20 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts.

You have been sent here to carry out the full term of your sentence. There will be no escape. There will be no appeals. Some of you will never leave. For some this is only the beginning of a long and terrible nightmare.

Rumors of brutality, of severe discipline, rape and even murder is rife within, but in a place like Grand Junction money talks. Besides, you are a convicted felon: society has washed its hands of you.

The only people looking out for you now are those left on the outside waiting for your release. Pray you live long enough to see it.

Your life as you knew it is over.
Welcome to Grand Junction.

Remember, in prison no one will hear you

Staff (corrections officers, nurses, counselors) and family members are also welcome to apply.