June 12th, 2009

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A post Season 3 Heroes game. Set in the year 2014 where Nathan Petrelli/Sylar is the president. An accident with another person with abilities causes a tear in time where people from the past, future, and alternate universes are brought together.

Any characters are great! Even if they've died in the series already. It is also an OC friendly game!

Some in game include: Elle Bishop, Elle (AU), Sylar, Sylar (AU), Peter Petrelli, Eden McCain


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Fair is an original character fairy tale game based on the world created by Gail Carson Levine's books Ella Enchanted, Fairest, and The Two Princesses of Bamarre. If you've never read those books, don't worry! You can just look at the game like any other fairy tale game.
The king is dead! Long live the-- Wait, who is in charge here again?

The much beloved King of Frell has just died, one of many to succumb to the plague of the Gray Death that has been sweeping the land. Survived by his wife, the Queen, as well as the Crown Prince-- considered by many to be the biggest brat in all of Frell-- the King leaves behind a land in turmoil. The Queen, not wanting to give up what power she has left, has decreed that her son may only assume the throne if he finds himself a bride. An impossible task, surely!

But that's not all... There's more to Frell than just castle intrigues. The castle is bordered by Greenville, a bustling market town filled with its own stories just waiting to be told!

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Wanted Characters
The Queen and the Prince!

Bess Guidon, the town's apprentice healer, is missing her husband, Tristan. Tristan is a knight, and he loves his wife more than anything, but something deep down tells him that she doesn't feel the same. He gives her everything he can in the hope that she'll stay with him, but somehow it's not enough for Bess.

Abigail Hall is missing her sister, Eleanor. The two were separated as children, and Abby misses her dearly.

Serenity Somerset ran away from her privileged life ten years ago, leaving behind her sisters Hope, Faith, Blythe, and Verity. Three of these sisters are married, and one is playing host to elder unwed sister Grace, as well. Serenity works as a barmaid, but it can't be long before her past catches up with her.

Gabrielle Forrester is missing her brother, Domenic. Domenic is a knight of the realm, a strong and proud figure. Plus, with Gabrielle falling in love- and with a sorcerer, no less- someone has to watch out for her!

Marta Damaran works in the palace as a servant, and she is missing her brothers, Markhas, Damin, and Richard Damaran. Richard also works in the palace, but Markhas and Damin have not seen him or Marta since she they ran away as children.

Matthias Eklund works at the Magic Shop, but he's missing his boss, the Magic Shop's owner. Frell has a thriving black market for magical supplies (shh, don't tell!), and someone needs to run it.

Original characters are welcome and encouraged! ♥