May 19th, 2009

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My name is Jeanne, and I'm one of the mods at Fair, an original character fairy tale game based on the world created by Gail Carson Levine's books Ella Enchanted, Fairest, and The Two Princesses of Bamarre. If you've never read those books, don't worry! You can just look at the game like any other fairy tale game around. :)

There are a few characters that we'd love to see in the game to help fill in some plot...

Bess Guidon, the town's apprentice healer, is missing her husband, Tristan. Tristan is a knight, and he loves his wife more than anything, but something deep down tells him that she doesn't feel the same. He gives her everything he can in the hope that she'll stay with him, but somehow it's not enough for Bess.

Abigail Hall is missing her sister, Eleanor. The two were separated as children, and Abby misses her dearly.

Ginger and Gareth Thornburgh are missing their sister, Lavender. Lavender was born deaf, but the whole family learned sign language in order to communicate and keep Lavender's life as normal as possible. Lavender and Gareth work in the family's herb shop. Ginger is a servant in the palace, and she's also missing her fellow servant, Marta.

Serenity Somerset ran away from her privileged life ten years ago, leaving behind her sisters Hope, Faith, Blythe and Verity Somerset. Serenity works as a barmaid, but it can't be long before her past catches up with her.

There are several other character suggestions on the cast list, and original characters are welcome and encouraged! ♥