May 14th, 2009

[info]lightitup in [info]find_players

Claire Bennet is wanted by Elle Bishop to snark with over at Day Zero please!

The game will officially start tomorrow, so it’s not too late to join from the beginning!

All information can be found HERE

[info]starpieces in [info]find_players

Wanted: Marius

We would love to have a Marius from the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice over at [info]labyrinth_rpg. We have Armand, Pandora and Claudia to keep him company!

[info]enchantedmod in [info]find_players

Name of the Game: Fair
Format: Thread/journal based
Genre: Fantasy, fairy tale, original characters
Contact info:
Premise Summary: Based on the books written by Gail Carson Levine (Ella Enchanted, etc.) The game takes place in Frell amidst an outbreak of The Grey Death. Even though it is based on Levine's books, essentially the game is an original fantasy RPG. If you haven't read the books, everything you'd need to know about the 'Verse is explained on the mod journal, and the game is all original characters and original plot. There are several character suggestions listed on the mod journal- basically, anyone you'd see in a normal fairy tale city would likely be available for play!
Age limit: No specific limit, so long as you're mature.
Starting date: We've been open for two weeks and already have a great cast of characters!