April 22nd, 2009

[info]team_leader in [info]find_players


DEADPOOL: Wanted by [info]jadedshine for general plotting.
QUICKSILVER: Wanted by his sisters, [info]ascarletwitch and [info]missdane
AURORA: Wanted by her long lost twin, [info]etoiledunord
DOC SAMSON: Wanted to shrink our heads, but specially by [info]simon_w
JOHNNY STORM: Wanted by his roomie, [info]webspinner and his sister [info]sue_vanishes
CANNONBALL: Wanted by his kid sister [info]beautyis to be overprotective!

[info]team_up is a real time, Marvel game set in its own Universe. Play teachers/team leaders, high schoolers, Jr. College students, or other staff. Game starts May 1!