April 10th, 2009

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Game: [info]thebeginning_rp via [info]beginning_mod

Location- Insanejournal- journals, owls and threading

Premise: AU game set in 1971 (the Marauders first year) set in and out of Hogwarts so anyone can be played if they are alive in that year. It's AU as you aren't bound by the restrictions of canon- anything goes but Voldemort is on the rise but the Order is yet to be formed. Who will your character support? Who will they befriend? It's all up to you

Wanted Characters:
James Potter- pretty self explanatory. We have a Lily already and a Remus on hold
Sirius Black- Same as James
Peter Pettigrew- Ditto
Avery- Lucius and Narcissa would love to see you in play
Severus Snape- Lily would love to see you
Rodolphus Lestrange- Lucius would love to see one of his best friends in play
Lord Voldemort- Will, who is is going to plot the downfall of muggleborns and things?
Dumbledore- The school is out of control!
BOYS- We have seven girls compared to three boys
plus plenty of other available characters