December 26th, 2023

[info]missdaae in [info]fandom_psls

in the mood for something sweeping; historically fantastic; desperately romantic! bolded is who i prefer to play in the line.

- arthurian: guinevere / lancelot (daisy & adam?)
- the iliad: helen / hector
- the man in the high castle: juliana / john (or something original based on tmithc)
- the phantom of the opera: erik / christine
- robin hood: marian / guy of gisbourne

[info]mymindrebels in [info]fandom_psls

Any chance anyone out there might be interested in a bookverse Sherlock Holmes? (And 90s bbc radio show influenced too tbh.) Open to pretty much anything. Slash, gen, though not so much het with this Holmes. Fellow bookversers, canonmates from other interpretations of the stories, characters from other Victorian set pieces that can be smushed together Penny Dreadful style, an oc,maybe there's a game he can be shoved in somewhere, etc. Open to playing all eras of Holmes too. Young, pre-Watson, university aged bratty Holmes. Pre-reichenbach really getting into his groove as consulting detective Holmes. Post-reichenbach in his prime Holmes. Thinking about retirement and bees Holmes.

Don't know why my love for this awful Victorian weirdo has reawakened, but hopefully someone else out there is also into it.

[info]abwhistler in [info]fandom_psls

likely a long shot, but would anyone be interested in writing hannibal king from blade trinity against abigail whistler? or danica talos? someone who is not afraid to explore darker mature themes. comments screened for your privacy.

[info]chowe in [info]fandom_psls

is there anyone that perhaps remembers the show halt and catch fire that would be interested in playing joe against my cameron? it could be something au done in a present day setting with a similar premise or follow the series more closely or whatever! i have so many ideas either way.

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