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mix this prompt and perhaps add a flavor of the invisible life of addie larue, or even a sprinkle of acotar if you're feeling extra spicy, or know neither book but consider this: a femme line with a high-powered individual and an unsuspecting mortal. goddess? high ruler? queen with a magical touch? anything's possible but she ends up holding this mortal's life in her hands and it'd be a real shame if something like emotions were to crop up. is she selfless and wanting to see the best for her or is she trying to create the perfect companion for herself?

with a good mix of drama, smut, and angst, we could make this as dark or fluffy as we wanted. i'm thinking either modern world or modern world with an ability to hop over to another realm - and obviously i adore detail and brainstorming. i've got a preference for trying the mortal with jodie comer or daisy lowe as the pb. for the other, it'd make my year to see aiysha hart, medalion rahimi, anya chalotra, simone ashley, antonia thomas, or jurnee smollett.

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General Plotting Post

Hello! Thank you for your interest in my ad. I figured making a generalized plot post would be easy for keeping track of everything.

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He fought with Jinx on the bridge, and he carried Powder home.

He couldn't shake the thought, even though he'd be the first to condemn anyone else mistaking the girl's identity. She swung like a ragdoll over his shoulder, impossibly light, braids trailing, as he kicked his busted board into action and they hurtled away. He should leave her, he knew. If he was incapable of finishing the job himself - which seemed more and more likely with every passing encounter - then he should have left her for the Enforcers. For all the problems they caused, they might just solve this one for him.

But he hadn't left her. And he had a lot of time to think on why.

He hadn't taken her to a cell. No one else knew what he had brought into their refugium. The two were in his room, now, and his old friend was laid out on his bed, chained by one wrist with an Enforcer's stolen handcuff and breathing shallowly. He hadn't cleaned the blood off her. Often her brows would furrow, and she would pull her full bottom lip between her teeth as she tossed fitfully. He knew what haunted her while awake had her at its mercy while she slept.

When those guileless eyes fluttered open - deceptive and everblue - he was steeled against them once more.

"Welcome back to the land of the living."

His voice was husky from long hours of disuse. He shifted a little in the shadows; his whole body ached from their fight, and sitting still for so long hadn't helped. He had meditated on what to say to Jinx when she woke up (would've been better for everyone if she never did). He had meditated on saying anything at all. He had almost put the mask back on, but it would have been a pointless exercise. And Jinx wasn't intimidated, or scared. She had made that perfectly clear in her years-long campaign of bloodshed above Zaun.

"We're still kicking even though you try to make us otherwise."


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For some reason, my brain is not functioning properly.

I have a journal ~trishtalk that is a permanent account.

I want to use the journal I have ~laufeydottir to overright trishtalk so I can have the perm account for it.

I cannot remember which journal I need to log in to make sure that ~laufeydottir gets the permissions and keeps the icons and journals.



the impulsive urge to drop all my characters in the only game i'm in. i've been depressed anxious and i continue to feel like i'm not a part of any clique.

i always feel so alone in games. i go into them by myself and i have this stupid hope someone will want to write with me. someone to have a relationship line with. i don't feel like my characters have any strong connections and if i did drop no one would really care.

i'm no one to anyone on this server.

anyway. i'm going to cry and get high.

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[PROMPTO] ☠ [info]ohanamods info

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Hello, friends. I know I dropped off the face of the earth ages ago. I haven't roleplayed in six or seven years, so it's definitely been a while. But I'm sort of back? I don't even know who's still around IJ and where people are playing.

But I'm in a game now and have finally updated my cast list to reflect that.

If you like Jane Austen/Bridgerton and are looking for a place to write, come join ussss! We're over at [info]summerviewmods.

And if anybody might be looking for PSLs or know of any games that are looking for players, let me know where y'all are playing? My psl journal is woefully out of date (by like 10 years, looking at my age on the post there, ha) but I'm open to seeing what's out there!

ETA: if you wanna add me on discord, I'm carrahmay#5921!