Aug. 29th, 2011



A Capt. Jack Harkness for my Ianto Jones? Up for any number of AU/canon lines, thread preferable to aim, please.

Drop comments here for more contact info!

Feb. 26th, 2011


Doctor Who/Torchwood

Hey peoples. I'm Trev, looking more over for an Eleventh Doctor, a possible Ianto for my Jack, or Master for Ten, or possibly a group RP with Eleven and an Amy for my Rory. I've RPed quite a bit of Doctor Who already and find myself, once again, unable to fall away from the pull ...alas. I primarily play the Tenth Doctor and Jack, though don't mind playing Eleven and also play as Rory. I would love to discuss plots that aren't listed too, feel free to post if interested!


Dark!Eleven )

Dark!Ten and Eleven (or other Doctors?) )

Tenth Doctor/Ianto Jones OR Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness )

May. 23rd, 2010


Torchwood/Doctor Who/Sarah Jane Adventures

Okay, I'll bite...

I'm on a search of plots and RPers to play off Luke Smith from the Sarah Jane Adventures in the Doctor Who universe. He's a pretty rare face you see RPed around, but a brilliant character I'd love the chance to explore more into.

I usually go with a variety of different themes RPing wise, more particular enjoy to good plots and character development. Some of these plots I've already got may sound rather strange, and if there's any other suggestions, tell away!

Quick explanation on who Luke is: I know many fans of Doctor Who and Torchwood haven't seen the series. So, Luke was "created" by an alien species called the Bane a handful of years prior; created from the genetic aspects of thousands upon thousands of different humans. Grown for his genius to solve the Bane's calculations they themselves could not. He was born running, in fear, and found by Sarah Jane Smith to eventually be taken in, named, and adopted. He has extreme latent psychic powers to the point of, with the right devices, to crash the moon into earth, eidetic memory, and has a tendency to get kidnapped far too often. More of his profile can be found in the journal, of course.

Plots involving either Torchwood, the Doctor, Sarah Jane, Jack, others... )

Sep. 10th, 2008


Torchwood psl request

I would like to pick up a Torchwood psl. I can rp either Jack, Ianto or Owen.  Would like a plot based slash storyline. I'm fairly squick proof as regards to content, but would prefer not to have an mpreg storyline if possible.

I'll play either by AIM, email or thread on a journal. I'm in UK, so timezone is 0GMT.

Contact on or AIM on ephemeral79