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Oct. 4th, 2023


Would anyone be interested in writing something with Shin/Sabine, also known as WolfWren, from Ahsoka? I don't have any journals set up at the moment on Insanejournal, but I do have accounts on Dreamwidth for them under the usernames "KROWNEST" and "LIGHTSWORD".

Please refer to journals for additional information. My preferred method of contact is a PM on DW. I do also have Discord, which can be requested via a PM.


Any and all lines for Sirius!


Lines for Hermione

I am looking to get back to writing Hermione. I’m all for unconventional pairings as well as the traditional. I am looking for a post-war setting with the prospect of another war looming.

Oct. 3rd, 2023


Greetings, all; I hope you're well! I'm currently seeking partners for one or two largely lighthearted psls in the Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z/Super settings (among others). Check my updated journal for the needed OOC info, and contact me there if interested! :)


would anyone be interested in writing sirius black against hermione granger in a time-turner/marauder's era line? i have several ideas to build off of if you're up for it. (side note: i do not in any way shape or form support jkr).

Oct. 1st, 2023


Looking for some psls for this Sabrina inspired witch. Would love to play her against any of the riverdale faces, in either a Wednesday type school setting or supernatural town. Werewolves, vampires, and ghosts are welcome. Open to het or femme. Bonus points if I can get a Harry Styles pb as another supernatural creature. Let's brainstorm some ideas and see what we come up with!


currently seeking a draco, harry, ron, and hermione for a semi-sol psl with this ginny. preferring to move away from rowling's canon, and to just have some fun in the world.


Fourth Wing?

I've just finished the Fourth Wing and am a little bit obsessed. I'm happy to brainstorm something original or to use the characters from the series.

Sep. 29th, 2023


Been a while but I would love to get back into playing again. I was looking for something playing any of the following:

Regulus against Remus - I would love to play Regulus trying to console Remus after the Shrieking Shack incident. I also have a female version of Regulus if that also seems interesting.

An Original Hunger Games line with a Tribute and their Mentor. If curious I have a write up of something more in-depth for that. She has her own journal here.

There is also a multiple character line set in the Mass Effect verse about a ship of scoundrels I would love to work out with someone. It is a concept from years ago that never got off the ground.

Twisted fairy tales and ideas for other things are also welcome, just ask.

Sep. 27th, 2023


here i have a hodge-podge of fandoms ranging from cozy to spooky and sometimes both! het or slash preferred. let's chat. 🤙

highlight denotes who i'd like to play, * denotes plot idea(s).

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Sep. 26th, 2023


looking for anything, het or slash, for anthony bridgerton! cross-canon, au scenarios, modern, supernatural, anything goes. just looking to write him in something fun and relaxed! truly happy to entertain any character and any idea.


Looking for a Daemon for a PSL with Alicent.

Open to other possibilities.

Sep. 24th, 2023


Howdy! Specifically, I am looking for an Alex Manes for an AU line in which they saved the Project Shepherd victims in Season 1. We could also use a canon/AU Liz and/or Max to fill out the cast.

There are plans to hopefully have canon characters for Isobel, Michael, Alex, Maria, Kyle, and Rosa, with 2 additional AU Michaels (one of them mine) and an AU Maria.

Comments are screened; you can also always hit my dropbox or ask for my Discord.

Sep. 23rd, 2023



Sep. 22nd, 2023


looking for an active carlos that doesn't flake after a few days.


total long shot, but i would love to play out the sunshine/grumpy trope with alexis here. completely open to crosscanon! some suggestions that i think would be fun would be: roy kent (ted lasso), richie jerimovich (the bear), bucky barnes, jessica jones (mcu). i'm open to fitting her in most 'verses, and i dig both gen and ship lines. got a grump you've been wanting to write? throw 'em at me!

Sep. 20th, 2023


joel for ellie or ellie for joel? i play both.

Sep. 19th, 2023


looking for slash i can sink my teeth into in a variety of fandoms. characters listed are who i play, but also open to original characters based in any of these universes, as well as genderswapped and crossover characters. comments are screened!

SHADOWHUNTERS (TV): alec lightwood
GOOD OMENS (TV): aziraphale, crowley
THE MAGICIANS (TV): eliot waugh, quentin coldwater
THE HUNGER GAMES (MOVIE or BOOK): peeta mellark, finnick odair
RED, WHITE, & ROYAL BLUE (MOVIE): prince henry
STRANGER THINGS: eddie munson, steve harrington
INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE (MOVIE or TV): louis de pointe du lac

Sep. 16th, 2023


i know it's a long shot, but bane/tom hardy against robin/jgl in a dkr au?



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