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Jul. 22nd, 2024


would anyone be interested in a psl in any of the following fandoms?

✦ final fantasy (viii and x/x-2)
✦ resident evil (games)
✦ silent hill
✦ until dawn
✦ the quarry
✦ life is strange
✦ neon genesis evangelion
✦ mirai nikki/future diary

i also have specific ideas playing an oc against a canon character in these fandoms, if anyone by chance would want to hear what i have in mind: the stand (2020), galerians, buffy the vampire slayer, supernatural, the witcher (tv series)

Jul. 21st, 2024


Hello! I'm Julia and I play Wanda Maximoff and Peter Parker at [info]vault_83_mod. I would love to see:

  • Stephen Strange (MCU)
  • Billy Kaplan (MARVEL)
  • Tommy Shepherd (MARVEL)
  • Ned Leeds (MCU)
  • Michelle Jones (MCU)
  • May Parker (MCU)
  • Pepper Potts (MCU)

  • [info]masterofpuppets

    something for eddie munson? private lines, or any groups/games?


    [info]mastermold kitty pryde, tony stark, madelyne pryor, firestar, julian keller, monet st. croix, angel, bishop, sage, open to customs and scenes

    Jul. 20th, 2024


    Cassie Blake, Adam Conant, Diana Meade, and Melissa Glaser, please report to [info]mysteryisle


    the most massive long shots of long shots, but any chance i can get a simon 'ghost' riley for a long-term slash psl? i'd love to write the dark and the gritty elements, lots of world building and character development and writing with substance as these two eventually end up together. huge ask and long shot, but i'm hoping to find it.

    Jul. 16th, 2024


    Something slash for Steve Rogers?


    i just love to write in the stranger things universe. so glad we got a video teaser for season 5 so i'm hoping it might bring out some interest!

    very flexible with what i'll write, whether that's super realistic to the show or we brainstorm something completely different, any reference to the show/characters makes me happy. a modern day ship, predicting season 5, changing major plot points, aging up for smut, or we create sol characters based on roles on the show... whatever you wanna try, feel free to ask.

    i write female characters, het/femme/platonic. i've written as nancy, robin, vickie, max, and el. would also play barb, chrissy, and joyce.

    comment the screened post in my journal for a custom!


    a quiet place: day one?

    seeking sam for eric, or maybe a grace van dien pb to pair with him?


    [info]mysteryisle i would love to see more 911 and 911 lone star characters

    Jul. 15th, 2024


    [info]mastermold cable to come lead x-force while deadpool refuses to follow, wolfsbane, dani moonstar, magma, cypher and karma to complete the former new mutants gang with ~brazil, [info]stickthelanding and [info]touchedthedark


    Alicent/Rhaenyra? These two have my by the throat. Open to canon/canon divergent and all sorts of AUs. I'm comfortable writing either queen in this wildly toxic situationship.

    Open to multiple lines. More fandoms/lines in the dropbox. Plot before smut always.


    psl for jonathan? i always love jancy and stonathan but also definitely open to others!!


    Is there anyone who might be interested in a psl with James Potter? Preferably a Sirius but I'll consider all options. Including crossovers! Slash preferred but all interest is welcome.

    Also, it should go without saying but I'll say it anyway, while I loved Harry Potter in my youth and largely love the fandom I do not support or have any love for that TERF.

    Jul. 13th, 2024


    Slash lines for this playful blue elf? Wolverine and Nightcrawler is my dream but would also love Colossus, Gambit, Peter/Miles/Miguel or any of the Spider-Men (especially with Kurt's run as Uncanny Spider-Man) or Venom. Open to others! Happy to do either typical Marvel action storylines, mystery/detective plots, or something spooky.

    Jul. 12th, 2024


    something for emily kaldwin of dishonored?


    Hazbin Hotel

    I'd love to play Lilith against Lucifer in a psl or I'd join a gpsl/comm. I have a million ideas, so feel free to comment me!

    Jul. 11th, 2024


    [info]mastermold plot post is open! adds will roll through sunday.

    Jul. 10th, 2024


    would anyone want to bring in her twin brother pietro with me to [info]mastermold?

    Jul. 8th, 2024


    Looking to play in the world of Bridgerton, either as celeb or fandom. I'm flexible on who plays who and weither it's het/slash/femme, but I would adore playing against a Nicola/Pen.

    FANDOM IDEAS: Maybe switch things up and say she falls for the eldest Bridgerton son? Or for her best friend Eloise? Of course I'd be down to write Pollin as well.

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