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Aug. 1st, 2021


someone to play ian grimm (mythic quest) against a female oc. or someone to pb rob mcelhenney would be fantastic too.


[info]mom_mod More Teen Wolf peeps, please?! Especially Melissa, Scott and Stiles.

Jul. 31st, 2021


Sansa Stark, seeking some GoT lines.

I'm rereading A Clash of Kings and it's brought this muse back to the forefront.

I'm specifically looking for the usual, her husband, her Hound, her Highgarden Lady, maybe even Jaime once he returns. Something good to distract her from the hell that is Kings Landing. But I'm open to more unusual pairings, it's Sansa, she's very shippable.

I'm happy to play both in book and show cannon, mixing the two or even complete rewrites. I have ideas.


Geralt to follow me to [info]thebeaconmod?


Looking for a Dean, or I'd be happy to play an OC against Dean. Was hoping for it to either be AU at some point during the show and pretending the finale didn't happen. Comments are screened.

Jul. 30th, 2021


Some kinks never die.

Attempting to revive an ancient muse of mine; the Hessian from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. I stick to the canon of the movie and add my own spice to his background/canon. I'd love an Ichabod and/or Katrina to play with or try a cross-canon with other fandoms.


[info]thebeaconmod Dean and more supernatural people.


Percival de Rolo. I'm looking for you.

Jul. 29th, 2021


anyone still looking for nat for a psl? alternatively, i would also love to try my hand at yelena as well!

Jul. 28th, 2021


anyone want a my hero academia psl? i'm also open to joining any comms or gpsls!

Jul. 27th, 2021


Melina, Alexei, Mason, MCU Steve, MCU Bruce, MCU Clint, the rest of the MCU Avengers and any MCU people would be really loved at [info]wtnv


Someone please make my day and bring this guy's baby sister over to [info]thebeaconmod?!

Jul. 26th, 2021


Seeking some stuff and things for this Inhuman, space-time traveling hacker aka, can I get something for Daisy Johnson? Open to canon, crossovers (so, you know, interacting with characters in the actual MCU, as well as DC characters and the like) and things of the AU and multiversal variety.

Jul. 25th, 2021


[info]thebeaconmod! I would love to see any Teen Wolf cast not taken, and in addition I have two potential crossover lines in mind for this handsome werewolf. I would love to try him either against Faith Lehane from BTVS or Kenzi from Lost Girl.


mcu tony stark for a psl with peter? i have an idea involving an alternate universe that i'm hoping to fill!


In search of lines, clichè as well as unconventional. Minor details listed behind the splash-painted shield in the journal.


Seeking some psls for this witchy woman!

It’s my first time writing Wanda, so be gentle with me. I’m open to running the gamut of ideas, so throw anything at me.


seeking a sapphic line or two, fandom or random...

fandoms: pitch perfect, motherland: fort salem, harry potter

i'd love creating ocs or playing in any of the above fandoms utilizing any of the following tropes/scenarios:
+ princess and the pauper (modern royalty is a favorite)
+ apocalyptic (with or without zombies)
+ stranded/survival scenarios
+ boarding school/college/military setting for supernatural/superheroes in training

always a sucker for:
+ the sunshine one and the grumpy one <3
+ best friends to lovers (mutual pining! slow burn!)

[please be 21+. plot before smut. f/f only.]


I would love another PSL or two for John Constantine. Comics or television canon is fine by me, and I welcome either canonmates or cross-canon for magical hijinks. If interested feel free to leave a comment here or this post in my journal.


We are in desperate need of a Natasha and a Bucky over [info]thebeaconmod and also Sam here would love to see a Wanda Maximoff to help him deal with all of this magical shit and maybe even keep him in line a little. What can I say? He misses his friends.

Also my Chris Argent would kill for a Kate and an Isaac to show up.

Lastly my Frigga has one of her sons and now she needs the Thor would be most appreciated as well.

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