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Apr. 10th, 2021


Looking for homes and lines for some of my fandom characters? A list of my fandoms can be found in my journal.


other asoiaf/got characters for my aegon vi. been a bit slow lately but would love to get at least one more good long term line going. het or slash and im open to pairings as long as they're from the fandom.


bit of a long shot on these requests, but i would love to plot something between cesare and lucrezia from the borgias, booker and elizabeth from bioshock infinite, or pietro and wanda from the mcu. comments screened, feel free to leave a message here or in the journal.


Sure, why not? Looking for het and/or platonic lines for Sam Wilson.

Apr. 9th, 2021


Bucky for my Steve?


An Arthur for my Eames? Pre-movie, post-movie, or AUs welcome.


au where sharon carter comes and drags natasha's ass out of vormir and they hang out in madripoor because the avengers are kind of garbage, lbr.


More longshots.


Apr. 8th, 2021


i'd really love to write with a post-endgame clint or steve, either in a psl or in this panfan i joined. there's just so many affection-tinged arguments i'm dying to write.

alternately: for the people who were all in on a small mcu-gpsl, what would you want out of an mcu gpsl? plotwise, worldwise, what would really get you creatively enthused and excited about writing in it? mostly threads? mostly network? characters you'd be psyched to write with? characters you'd hate writing with? no wrong answers, i'm genuinely curious about what would make a comm fulfilling for people writing in a niche these days.


oliver queen and john diggle would be greatly loved at [info]wtnv as would any other arrowverse character.

Apr. 7th, 2021


looking for some video game based psls - ideally wanting to play mad moxxi against handsome jack (borderlands) or elizabeth against booker (bioshock infinite). we can stick to using the video game character’s faces or pick out proper pbs. hoping for something with lots of world building, shenanigans, romance and even some smut (i love to use rule 34 gifs for customs and such). feel free to hit me up here or in my screened post so we can sort things out

Apr. 6th, 2021


Joining the MCU resurgence train to request folks (AU or otherwise) for [info]newleafmod since we have a small but funky bunch getting together. Outside of that, I'd love any science/magic-type characters to build cool things with and get nerdy. Ruining Tom Nook's blood pressure is a full-time job.

Feel free to poke me in my dropbox!

Apr. 5th, 2021


not really looking to join any games at the moment since i work full time and going back to school. would like to devote my time to get a few psls for wanda here! open to canon divergence, AUs, stuff set within the premise of wandavision but working it how we want, fixing things, and anything else your heart desires!

shipping or gen, het and femme for shipping and open to a number of ships. always looking for stuff with: pietro and fietro, steve, bucky, clint, stephen ( especially that magical mentor student/teacher fun ), nat, loki, monica, frank castle, agnes, lorna dane, vision, and cable/nate summers from deadpool 2. also open to original characters and ships not mentioned, so feel free to toss your ideas at me!

hit me up here or on the journal for a custom. comments screened.


i would LOVE to have some mcu folks over at [info]entryway but right about now i'm really looking for a sam wilson!

Apr. 4th, 2021


I play Moon Knight, and I'm looking for a crossover plot involving John Constantine.

Trapped in the Dreaming, Moon Knight finds himself crossing paths with another peddler of tricks and shadows, John Constantine. Using both of their strengths, the pair must free themselves and return to the real world or risk never waking again. But Dreams connect all worlds, and once free, Moon Knight finds himself in Constantine's world instead of his own, and The Laughing Magician isn't done with him yet.

Constantine takes the opportunity to steal Moon Knight's favor, the connection to his patron deity, to use as leverage. Constantine needs Moon Knight's powers to tackle some of his own problems. In return, Constantine will help him get home, and maybe, just maybe help Marc get free of Khonshu once and for all.

Looking for this plot to develop into romance, smut very welcome.


Check the journal, I'd love a few hp lines.


More HP folks at [info]crownplaza. Specifically other Slytherins (Draco, Pansy, Blaise).

Apr. 3rd, 2021


[info]crownplaza Local twink Jedi Master in search of sister and best friend. Also hot, single Mandalorians in his area.

Also seeking: a full set of Losers, more MCU and 616 folks always, Attack on Titan (Hange and the Trio would be great!), Teen Wolf and more!


Hogwarts Dawn

We would love some new players and characters over at [info]hogwarts_dawn. We're a time displacement game, so HP characters from any era are welcome! Lilu here would love more Weasleys and the Scamanders/Lovegoods. Other much-wanted characters are Narcissa, Maurader-era women, and the DA. We are OC friendly for next-gen characters. Come and join us!


ian for mickey?

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